2013 must have toys for christmas

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Britain's big Christmas rip-off: UK toy prices compared with US - the results will shock you

15 November 2014 18:53:19 mirror - News

The Sunday Mirror compared prices of this year's must have Christmas toys in stores across the pond

Vice All News Time15 November 2014 18:53:19


Top Christmas toys have 'more computer power than Apollo mission'

05 November 2014 17:02:28 UK headlines

Top 12 toys expected to dominate Christmas lists include most advanced technology available

Vice All News Time05 November 2014 17:02:28

In pictures: 'Top Christmas toys'

05 November 2014 16:57:57 BBC News - UK

This year's predicted Christmas bestsellers

Vice All News Time05 November 2014 16:57:57

Disney's Frozen and Lego top list of this year's must-have Christmas toys

05 November 2014 13:06:47 mirror - News

It is predicted an increase in spending on toys this Christmas will take annual sales to more than £3 billion, an increase of £166 million in one year

Vice All News Time05 November 2014 13:06:47

Sorgenfresser Worry Eater: The must-have toy for Christmas

17 July 2014 04:19:10 News | Mail Online

The idea behind the £20 Sorgenfresser Worry Eater, tipped by Amazon to be popular, is for children to put pieces of paper with upsetting thoughts into its mouth before zipping it shut.

Vice All News Time17 July 2014 04:19:10

Christmas toys: what does it take to become a bestseller?

23 December 2013 14:36:03 Finance - Business news and market updates - Telegraph

This year it's the Teksta robotic puppy. Last year it was the Furby. What does it take to become the must-have toy at Christmas? And can anyone resist the hype?

Vice All News Time23 December 2013 14:36:03

Christmas 2013 must have toys unveiled

18 December 2013 14:26:18 UK headlines

The top ten toys that will dominate Christmas this year

Vice All News Time18 December 2013 14:26:18

The toy that stole Christmas

17 December 2013 13:07:25 UK headlines

A police force has used lego toys and animation to send a cautionary Christmas message that crime does not pay

Vice All News Time17 December 2013 13:07:25

The great Christmas rip-off: Shoppers end up paying 50% more for must-have toys as retailers increase prices

15 December 2013 12:51:33 News | Mail Online

Shops including Asda, Argos and Toys R Us have increased prices for in-demand items including Furbies, dolls and doctor play sets.

Vice All News Time15 December 2013 12:51:33

Christmas rip off: Shameless retailers increase price of toys as demand makes stocks run low

15 December 2013 02:11:25 mirror - News

High street chains and website retailers have been accused of artificially fuelling demand by offering special toy promotions

Vice All News Time15 December 2013 02:11:25