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Top 20 must-have Christmas 2016 toys - as voted for by children

25 October 2016 18:32:54 mirror - News

Skylanders Imaginators, which allows players to create their own virtual character for a video game, is in top spot, with Hatchimals close behind

Vice All News Time25 October 2016 18:32:54


Best hoverboard for Christmas: The ultimate guide to this year's must-have toy

11 December 2015 07:08:59 mirror - News

If you want to make like Marty McFly this Christmas, you need to read our full guide to finding and buying the perfect hoverboard

Vice All News Time11 December 2015 07:08:59

Must-have toys for Christmas 2015 revealed: Top sellers will include Star Wars and Thunderbirds

04 November 2015 10:36:11 mirror - News

The Toy Retailers Association (TRA) said this would be a "vintage year" for toys as it released its annual DreamToys list of predicted top sellers

Vice All News Time04 November 2015 10:36:11

Christmas 2015 must-have toys revealed (in June)

22 June 2015 17:01:30 UK headlines

Argos releases list of top Christmas toys, with predicted favourites including Frozen, Thunderbirds, Lego and Barbie gifts

Vice All News Time22 June 2015 17:01:30

VIDEO: Discovering 2015's must-have toys

21 January 2015 11:43:18 BBC News - UK

A look around the floor at the London Toy Fair, a showcase for new toys that will be hitting shops in the coming year.

Vice All News Time21 January 2015 11:43:18

Telling girls they must have dolls and boys they must have chemistry kits is bad parenting

20 December 2014 00:06:25 mirror - News

Let children pick their own toys, whatever that might be, this Christmas says television presenter Fiona Phillips

Vice All News Time20 December 2014 00:06:25

Greed of the toy touts: How a new breed of profiteers are cornering the market in must-have toys this Christmas then ripping off desperate parents

06 December 2014 04:11:01 News | Mail Online

Touts cynically snapped up hundreds of Snow Glow Elsa Dolls (pictured), earlier this year. The sold-out Frozen toys, which cost £34.99, are now being sold for as much as three times the retail price online.

Vice All News Time06 December 2014 04:11:01

Britain's big Christmas rip-off: UK toy prices compared with US - the results will shock you

15 November 2014 18:53:19 mirror - News

The Sunday Mirror compared prices of this year's must have Christmas toys in stores across the pond

Vice All News Time15 November 2014 18:53:19

Disney's Frozen and Lego top list of this year's must-have Christmas toys

05 November 2014 13:06:47 mirror - News

It is predicted an increase in spending on toys this Christmas will take annual sales to more than £3 billion, an increase of £166 million in one year

Vice All News Time05 November 2014 13:06:47

Sorgenfresser Worry Eater: The must-have toy for Christmas

17 July 2014 04:19:10 News | Mail Online

The idea behind the £20 Sorgenfresser Worry Eater, tipped by Amazon to be popular, is for children to put pieces of paper with upsetting thoughts into its mouth before zipping it shut.

Vice All News Time17 July 2014 04:19:10