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British skier killed in French Alps cliff fall

25 February 2018 17:45:16 BBC News - UK

The man died after going off-piste in the Alpe d'Huez ski resort, mountain rescue authorities say.

Vice All News Time25 February 2018 17:45:16


Man dies on Oxbridge 'Varsity' ski trip to French Alps

05 December 2016 03:21:48 BBC News - UK

A man dies during a university ski trip in France.

Vice All News Time05 December 2016 03:21:48

British men who died in Alps car accident 'were taking part in a race with friends'

11 November 2016 18:03:58 News | Mail Online

Josh Robinson, 22, (right) and Danny Hall, 25, (left) from Ashford in Kent, died in the Austrian Alps when they were thrown from their car during a high-speed race across Europe.

Vice All News Time11 November 2016 18:03:58

Wingsuit pilot Alexander Polliis killed after crashing into a tree in the French Alps

25 August 2016 02:15:34 News | Mail Online

Alexander Polli, one of the world’s most celebrated and daring wingsuit pilots, has tragically died after smashing into a tree during a flight in the French Alps.

Vice All News Time25 August 2016 02:15:34

British tourist dies in French Alps avalanche disaster alongside two others on 'Cursed Mountain'

18 August 2016 11:31:07 mirror - News

A desperate search and rescue operation was launched on Mont Maudit in the Mont-Blanc range of the French Alps, but three bodies have now been found

Vice All News Time18 August 2016 11:31:07

Former Devon Royal Marine Duncan Potts dies in Alps fall

30 July 2016 11:15:44 BBC News - UK

A former Royal Marine is killed in a climbing accident in the French Alps.

Vice All News Time30 July 2016 11:15:44

BBC journalist dies on way to a story

16 March 2016 20:19:06 BBC News - UK

A BBC Radio Lancashire journalist dies while driving to cover the last day of the fracking inquiry.

Vice All News Time16 March 2016 20:19:06

Boy, 16, is among six dead as rescuers hunt for 10 buried by 1,000ft wide avalanche in Italian Alps

13 March 2016 02:12:38 News | Mail Online

Six skiers have died in an avalanche on Monte Nevoso in the Italian Alps. Police in Bolzano and Brunico confirmed the deaths in an avalanche that struck midday.

Vice All News Time13 March 2016 02:12:38

Scottish ski coach killed in Alps

11 March 2016 23:54:42 BBC News - UK

Tributes are paid to an "amazing" Scottish ski coach who has died in an accident in the Alps.

Vice All News Time11 March 2016 23:54:42

Briton dies in France 'ski accident'

02 February 2016 00:29:05 BBC News - UK

A British woman has died in France, reportedly in a skiing accident in the Alps.

Vice All News Time02 February 2016 00:29:05