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England 1-2 Netherlands: World's best FIFA players battle it out

23 March 2018 17:28:40 Sport | Mail Online

England face off against The Netherlands in a real world friendly tonight, but on Wednesday night the action took place on the virtual pitch in FIFA 18.

Vice Sport Time23 March 2018 17:28:40


Behind the scenes at FIFA Best Player awards

24 October 2017 11:33:39 Football Articles | Mail Online

Footballing stars from across the continent headed to the London Palladium on Monday to see Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo claim FIFA's No 1 player award.

Vice Football Time24 October 2017 11:33:39

Lieke Martens crowned The Best FIFA Women's Player

23 October 2017 22:02:33 Football Articles | Mail Online

Lieke Martens was crowned The Best FIFA Women's Player on Monday night. She beat Carli Lloyd and Deyna Castellanos to collect the prestigious award.

Vice Football Time23 October 2017 22:02:33

Cristiano Ronaldo wins FIFA's The Best men's player award

23 October 2017 21:57:14 Football Articles | Mail Online

The Real Madrid star picked up the award ahead of his rivals from Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain on the back of triumphs in La Liga and the Champions League last season.

Vice Football Time23 October 2017 21:57:14

Cristiano Ronaldo flies to London for FIFA The Best Awards

23 October 2017 16:02:11 Football Articles | Mail Online

Cristiano Ronaldo is in line to retain his FIFA men's player of the year crown on Monday night – and the Real Madrid forward has flown to London for further confirmation of his status.

Vice Football Time23 October 2017 16:02:11

FIFA 18 ratings: Cristiano Ronaldo named best player

12 September 2017 00:23:46 Sport | Mail Online

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo retained his EA crown as the highest-rated player in FIFA 18 as EA Sports completed their unveiling of the top 100 stars in this year's game on Monday.

Vice Sport Time12 September 2017 00:23:46

FIFA's World Player of the Year shortlist

17 August 2017 17:32:01 Sport | Mail Online

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will be duelling for the title of world's best footballer after their names once again headed the shortlist on Thursday for The Best FIFA Men's Player.

Vice Sport Time17 August 2017 17:32:01

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. yells at his dad "you're the best in the world" after Real Madrid forward scoops Fifa award

11 January 2017 00:03:33 mirror - Sport

The Real Madrid forward won the inaugural Fifa world's best player trophy on Monday night

Vice Sport Time11 January 2017 00:03:33

Real Madrid staff and players congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo on winning Fifa best player award

10 January 2017 23:33:36 mirror - Sport

The Portugal captain also made Fifa's team of the year - along with a few of his teammates

Vice Sport Time10 January 2017 23:33:36

Cristiano Ronaldo strikes tip-toe pose as Real Madrid star wins The Best FIFA Football Player award

10 January 2017 11:22:52 Sport | Mail Online

Just has he has in various pre-match photographs over the last few years, Cristiano Ronaldo was up on his toes to try and maximise his height while on stage at FIFA's The Best Awards in Zurich.

Vice Sport Time10 January 2017 11:22:52