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Tunnock's teacakes sales 'soar'

26 July 2014 11:54:08 BBC News - UK

Sales of Tunnock's teacakes have soared after they featured in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, a supermarket has said.

Vice All News Time26 July 2014 11:54:08


Sale 'agreed' for oil refinery

29 June 2014 09:50:35 BBC News - UK

Hundreds of jobs at closure-threatened oil refinery in Milford Haven could be saved after the sale of the site was agreed in principle.

Vice All News Time29 June 2014 09:50:35

New plans for Games ticket sales

15 May 2014 17:41:04 BBC News - UK

Plans to re-launch sales of extra tickets for the Commonwealth Games will be announced on Friday after problems halted an earlier sale.

Vice All News Time15 May 2014 17:41:04

Aerospace company may be for sale

07 May 2014 11:27:13 BBC News - UK

There is growing speculation that a US aerospace firm which employs more than 800 people in County Down is up for sale.

Vice All News Time07 May 2014 11:27:13

Crisp sales for Mackie's in Canada

04 May 2014 02:46:52 BBC News - UK

Scottish crisp producer Mackie's reports a six-fold increase in annual export sales to Canada.

Vice All News Time04 May 2014 02:46:52

London domain name goes on sale

29 April 2014 03:02:44 BBC News - UK

The new .london internet domain name goes on sale for the first time for Londoners.

Vice All News Time29 April 2014 03:02:44

VIDEO: Tour of the 'tiniest' house for sale

26 March 2014 00:12:09 BBC News - UK

A house said to be the smallest in Colchester is up for sale, with an asking price of £77,000.

Vice All News Time26 March 2014 00:12:09

Sainsbury's reports fall in sales

18 March 2014 11:13:12 BBC News - UK

Sainsbury's reports its first fall in sales for nine years, and says the market is growing at its slowest rate since 2005.

Vice All News Time18 March 2014 11:13:12

Chinese sales slip for Bentley

08 January 2014 18:48:01 Automobiles

While the luxury carmaker’s global sales rose almost 20% in 2013, its sales in China fell 3%, compared with a 23% increase in the country in 2012

Vice All News Time08 January 2014 18:48:01

Sainsbury's hails 'strong sales'

08 January 2014 08:25:55 BBC News - UK

Supermarket chain Sainsbury's says its third-quarter trading saw a "good sales performance in a tough market".

Vice All News Time08 January 2014 08:25:55

Debenhams warns on Christmas sales

31 December 2013 13:03:56 BBC News - UK

Shares in Debenhams plunge after the department store warns of poor sales during the key Christmas period.

Vice All News Time31 December 2013 13:03:56

Five alternative January sales

31 December 2013 04:13:57 BBC News - UK

Five alternative new year sales to look out for

Vice All News Time31 December 2013 04:13:57

In pictures: Shoppers hit the sales

26 December 2013 12:01:15 BBC News - UK

Boxing Day sales open at stores around the UK

Vice All News Time26 December 2013 12:01:15

UK retail sales fall in October

14 November 2013 10:50:51 BBC News - UK

UK retail sales volumes fell 0.7% in October, with mild weather affecting sales of winter clothing, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) says.

Vice All News Time14 November 2013 10:50:51

'Tentative boost' in retail sales

13 November 2013 01:58:31 BBC News - UK

Scottish retailers report a "tentative boost" in sales as they prepare for the crucial festive period.

Vice All News Time13 November 2013 01:58:31

'Wordsworth lake' for sale on eBay

18 October 2013 18:54:42 BBC News - UK

A lake that inspired William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter is being put up for sale on eBay.

Vice All News Time18 October 2013 18:54:42

Sale 19-13 Bath

04 October 2013 23:28:27 BBC News - UK

Danny Cipriani's accuracy with the boot proves crucial as he kicks 14 points to help Sale Sharks beat Bath.

Vice All News Time04 October 2013 23:28:27

Retail sales in surprise August fall

19 September 2013 10:52:36 BBC News - UK

Retail sales volumes fell 0.9% in August according to the Office for National Statistics, surprising analysts who had expected sales to increase.

Vice All News Time19 September 2013 10:52:36

Endangered blobfish is voted ugliest animal

12 September 2013 17:27:25 UK headlines

Blobfish voted world's most repulsive animal in online poll aimed at drawing attention to plight of endangered animals the world deems too ugly to save.        

Vice All News Time12 September 2013 17:27:25

'Hideous' blobfish is officially named the world's ugliest animal

12 September 2013 17:09:16 mirror - News

But the Ugly Animal Preservation Society said despite its appearance, the blobfish is endangered and needs protecting

Vice All News Time12 September 2013 17:09:16

The blobfish, the pig-nosed turtle and the proboscis monkey: Which of these is the world's ugliest animal?

27 August 2013 04:41:04 News | Mail Online

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society (yep, it exists) has launched a campaign to save these endangered species.

Vice All News Time27 August 2013 04:41:04

Commonwealth Games tickets on sale

19 August 2013 04:08:54 BBC News - UK

More than one million tickets for next year's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow are going on sale over the next four weeks.

Vice All News Time19 August 2013 04:08:54

Dating profiles sale investigated

29 July 2013 12:16:12 BBC News - UK

The information Commissioner’s Office says it will investigate the sale of 10,000 online dating profiles to Panorama

Vice All News Time29 July 2013 12:16:12

iPhones sales boost Apple shares

23 July 2013 23:08:20 UK Homepage

Sales of 31.2m iPhones outstripped analysts’ consensus of around 27m units, but iPad sales declined from 17m a year ago to 14.6m, below expectations

Vice All News Time23 July 2013 23:08:20

iPhones sales boost Apple shares

23 July 2013 22:56:42 Tech Hub

Sales of 31.2m iPhones outstripped analysts’ consensus of around 27m units, but iPad sales declined from 17m a year ago to 14.6m, below expectations

Vice All News Time23 July 2013 22:56:42

Rapid sale of 10% of Lloyds mooted

05 July 2013 19:28:04 BBC News - UK

Rapid sale of 10% of Lloyds mooted

Vice All News Time05 July 2013 19:28:04

'Slow but steady' retail sales

12 June 2013 01:40:03 BBC News - UK

Retail sales in Scotland grow at a "steady" pace but lag behind the UK as a whole, according to a new report.

Vice All News Time12 June 2013 01:40:03

Sunshine lifts RockNess ticket sales

09 June 2013 11:25:44 BBC News - UK

Sales of tickets for the annual RockNess festival are boosted by the weekend's warm and sunny weather.

Vice All News Time09 June 2013 11:25:44

Suarez not for sale, say Liverpool

31 May 2013 16:38:09 BBC News - UK

Liverpool insist Luis Suarez is not for sale after the striker reportedly tells a press conference he wants to leave.

Vice All News Time31 May 2013 16:38:09

VIDEO: For sale: Britain's remotest bookshop

01 May 2013 09:33:55 BBC News - UK

For sale: Britain's most remote bookshop

Vice All News Time01 May 2013 09:33:55