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Colour only exists in our BRAIN through interpretation of light says new book

23 May 2015 04:26:42 News | Mail Online

Roses aren't red and violets aren't blue. At least that's the premise of a new book, 'Outside Color', by Dr Mazviita Chirimuuta which puts forward the theory that colour is, in fact, an illusion.

Vice All News Time23 May 2015 04:26:42


The dress that divided the internet IS blue and black

28 February 2015 03:56:21 News | Mail Online

This image of the two-tone dress has become an online sensation, with posts arguing over the dress's original colors - and science behind the debate - being viewed and shared millions of times.

Vice All News Time28 February 2015 03:56:21

What colors are this dress: White and gold or blue and black?

27 February 2015 05:38:22 News | Mail Online

The colors of a dress have come under serious debate on social media with some seeing it as white and gold and others as black and blue.

Vice All News Time27 February 2015 05:38:22

Video uncovered by Uncensored claims to provide proof 'there WERE aliens in Area 51'

04 February 2015 19:29:11 News | Mail Online

New Zealand-based magazine, Uncensored has done a frame-by-frame analysis and says it is authentic. However, it is in fact from the 2006 film Alien Autopsy starring Ant and Dec.

Vice All News Time04 February 2015 19:29:11

Q&A: World heads for warmest year

03 December 2014 18:01:09 BBC News - UK

Does it matter if the UK has had its warmest-ever year?

Vice All News Time03 December 2014 18:01:09

This year set to be warmest on record

03 December 2014 16:15:26 UK Homepage

Human activity likely to be cause of exceptional temperatures, says Met Office

Vice All News Time03 December 2014 16:15:26

Britain's 'year of weird weather' on course to be named warmest for almost 250 years

03 December 2014 15:02:05 News | Mail Online

The world's oldest temperature record suggests that the 11 months from January to November were the warmest period since records began in 1772.

Vice All News Time03 December 2014 15:02:05

VIDEO: UK's warmest year on record predicted

03 December 2014 09:07:15 BBC News - UK

This year could be the UK's warmest for almost 250 years as measured by the world's oldest temperature record, say researchers.

Vice All News Time03 December 2014 09:07:15

Warmest year on record predicted

03 December 2014 05:28:20 BBC News - UK

Forecasters believe this year could be the UK's warmest for almost 250 years, as measured by the world's oldest record of temperature.

Vice All News Time03 December 2014 05:28:20

The Simpsons' Matt Groening reveals why Smithers started a different color

18 November 2014 12:18:39 News | Mail Online

The 60-year-old claimed that the character was always meant to be yellow, but animators painted him the wrong color and, because they were low on funds, they could not afford a retake.

Vice All News Time18 November 2014 12:18:39