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The Simpsons' Matt Groening reveals why Smithers started a different color

18 November 2014 12:18:39 News | Mail Online

The 60-year-old claimed that the character was always meant to be yellow, but animators painted him the wrong color and, because they were low on funds, they could not afford a retake.

Vice All News Time18 November 2014 12:18:39


Halloween forecast to be warmest on record

30 October 2014 17:57:07 UK headlines

Temperatures of 70F (21C) expected in the South East on Friday but cold weather due by early next week

Vice All News Time30 October 2014 17:57:07

Scotland's 'second warmest year'

09 July 2014 11:21:26 BBC News - UK

Scotland is on course for its second warmest year ever recorded, according to analysis by Friends of the Earth Scotland.

Vice All News Time09 July 2014 11:21:26

First color postcards of 'New World' showcases US life more than 120 years ago

25 June 2014 12:54:31 News | Mail Online

Using the latest technology at the turn of the 19th century, these photochrom images show the Big Apple and the spectacular Grand Canyon in color.

Vice All News Time25 June 2014 12:54:31

Liverpool and Chelsea fans clash outside Anfield following Blues victory

28 April 2014 09:37:08 Sport | Mail Online

There were ugly scenes at Anfield following Chelsea's 2-0 win over Liverpool on Sunday afternoon as fans clashed outside the stadium.

Vice Sport Time28 April 2014 09:37:08

Dust off the barbecue as forecaster predicts warmest weekend yet

28 March 2014 11:41:44 UK headlines

Temperatures could hit 20C (68F) in some inland parts, but despite sunshine, beaches could still be a little too breezy for sunbathing

Vice All News Time28 March 2014 11:41:44

UK enjoys early spring weather with warmest day of the year

24 February 2014 19:36:20 UK headlines

Britain enjoys unseasonably warm temperatures and spring weather after storm misery

Vice All News Time24 February 2014 19:36:20

Photos show weather difference after warmest December for 25 years

23 January 2014 03:47:31 News | Mail Online

Last month was the warmest December since 1988 and the unusual temperatures have continued into January, in stark contrast to this time last year when much of the country was blanketed by snow.

Vice All News Time23 January 2014 03:47:31

A blue Coca-Cola logo and Google written in purple? New illustrations prove how attached we are to big brands' signature colors

14 November 2013 04:30:59 News | Mail Online

New illustrations by a Brazilian artist show how much big brands like Google, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds rely on the signature colors in their logos.

Vice All News Time14 November 2013 04:30:59

Cardiff Blues 19 Toulon 15 : match report

19 October 2013 18:09:13 Sport

Cardiff 19 Toulon 15: replacement Gareth Davies scores winning try with three minutes remaining to spark joyous scenes.

Vice Sport Time19 October 2013 18:09:13