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Council to 'ban staff smoking breaks'

03 September 2015 14:32:26 BBC News - UK

Smoking breaks could be banned for thousands of council employees under new proposals, it emerges.

Vice All News Time03 September 2015 14:32:26


Jason Denayer 'confident' of breaking into Manchester City first-team after new deal

29 July 2015 01:14:30 Football | Mail Online

Jason Denayer is confident he can break into Manchester City’s first-team this season after deciding to stay at the Etihad and sign a new five-year deal.

Vice Football Time29 July 2015 01:14:30

England one-day captain Eoin Morgan hails new-look side's record-breaking showing in 210-run thrashing of New Zealand

10 June 2015 02:24:40 Sport | Mail Online

LAWRENCE BOOTH: England one-day captain Eoin Morgan could barely contain his excitement after seeing his new-look team's record-breaking performance to thrash New Zealand at Edgbaston.

Vice Sport Time10 June 2015 02:24:40

How 370 investors lost £18m - in minutes

26 April 2015 10:10:59 UK headlines

A shock move by the Swiss National Bank left a group of British investors suddenly in debt. One, who staked less than £10,000, now faces losses of £250,000

Vice All News Time26 April 2015 10:10:59

CCTV shows thief breaking into new keyless Range Rover in less than 30 seconds

18 April 2015 12:12:37 mirror - News

Footage shows vehicle thief easily break into four by four without using keys

Vice All News Time18 April 2015 12:12:37

Serafim Todorov, the last man to beat Floyd Mayweather, lives on £370-a-month state handout in Bulgaria

05 April 2015 11:58:41 Sport | Mail Online

Serafim Todorov, the last man to beat Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring, now lives on a £370-a-month hand out from the Bulgarian government.

Vice Sport Time05 April 2015 11:58:41

Malaysian 370: What Happened? New documentary looks at all the possibilities of doomed flight

03 March 2015 20:04:42 mirror - News

One-off doc looks at the greatest aviation mystery of all time

Vice All News Time03 March 2015 20:04:42

BREAKING NEWS: No action over North

10 February 2015 11:42:15 BBC News - UK

Rugby's governing body says George North should have been taken off after a clash of heads in the Wales v England match.

Vice All News Time10 February 2015 11:42:15

Quiz of the week's news

24 October 2014 02:39:12 BBC News - UK

Why is Florida angry with Breaking Bad

Vice All News Time24 October 2014 02:39:12

Chinese borrowers break new ground

25 September 2014 09:30:31 Financials

Bank of Communications $1.2bn bond is first by a mainland parent

Vice Finance Time25 September 2014 09:30:31