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UK weather: Storm Angus floods Britain and elderly woman feared 'frozen to death' as nation battered by elements

21 November 2016 18:33:43 mirror - News

Cars are submerged and homes flooded as huge rainfalls all over the UK cause havoc

Vice All News Time21 November 2016 18:33:43


UK storm: Essex resident returns to flooded home

23 June 2016 23:40:31 BBC News - UK

Heavy rain and flooding overnight have caused disruption in London and the south-east of England, with Romford in Essex one of the worst affected areas.

Vice All News Time23 June 2016 23:40:31

Roman roads discovered in aerial flood maps of the UK

02 January 2016 04:26:21 News | Mail Online

Aerial maps of the UK - designed to highlight regions at risk of flooding - are also helping amateur archaeologists unearth long-lost Roman roads, with seven roads being discovered since 2013.

Vice All News Time02 January 2016 04:26:21

VIDEO: UK Floods: Aerial views of destruction

31 December 2015 16:02:04 BBC News - UK

Helicopters and drones have filmed some of the destruction left behind after storms caused severe flooding in parts of the UK.

Vice All News Time31 December 2015 16:02:04

UK weather: Storm Desmond flooding putting 'lives at risk' as government issues severe 'red alert' warnings

05 December 2015 15:30:09 mirror - News

Landslides, car accidents and floods all causing chaos as storm rages across the UK

Vice All News Time05 December 2015 15:30:09

Torrential rain causes flooding

07 July 2015 22:14:12 BBC News - UK

Torrential rain has been causing severe flooding in Aberdeen, with many city streets badly affected.

Vice All News Time07 July 2015 22:14:12

UK weather: Live updates as forecasters predict torrential rain could cause flooding across UK today

19 July 2014 13:46:19 mirror - News

The Environment Agency has said that almost every county in England and Wales is at risk of flooding today, and has issued 59 flood alerts

Vice All News Time19 July 2014 13:46:19

Heavy rain causes flash flooding

27 May 2014 16:59:37 BBC News - UK

Buildings and roads in Norwich are hit by flooding caused by heavy rain.

Vice All News Time27 May 2014 16:59:37

Thunderstorms cause flooding

22 May 2014 15:13:54 BBC News - UK

A chain of thunderstorms is moving north into Wales from the Bristol Channel, with intense downpours and lightning strikes causing some flooding incidents.

Vice All News Time22 May 2014 15:13:54

UK weather: Strong winds and high tides could cause 'risk to life' as Britain prepares for MORE flooding

31 January 2014 21:02:45 mirror - News

The Environment Agency has issued more than 130 flood warnings and nine severe flood warnings - which mean there is a danger to life

Vice All News Time31 January 2014 21:02:45