charity workers sprayed with acid

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Acid sales 'should be restricted'

19 November 2015 06:39:51 BBC News - UK

Much stricter controls should be imposed on the sale of acid to help reduce the number of people injured in attacks, a charity for victims has said.

Vice All News Time19 November 2015 06:39:51


VIDEO: UK charity taking aid to Calais

18 August 2015 08:43:41 BBC News - UK

Three British charity workers travelled to Calais to deliver supplies to migrants - the Victoria Derbyshire programme's Catrin Nye joined them.

Vice All News Time18 August 2015 08:43:41

South Tottenham staff have ACID thrown in their faces on London Overground train

25 June 2015 16:12:35 News | Mail Online

A manhunt has been launched after a commuter and rail worker had acid thrown in their faces on a train as it travelled through north London.

Vice All News Time25 June 2015 16:12:35

Charity fundraiser told to pay £3,500 after spraying his neighbour's Audi with hosepipe in cul-de-sac parking row

31 May 2015 17:23:16 News | Mail Online

Jeremy Hoyle was washing his son's car outside his home in Brockhole, West Yorkshire, when he sprayed water all over his neighbour Christopher O'Brien's Audi A4 convertible.

Vice All News Time31 May 2015 17:23:16

Family's tribute to charity worker

21 May 2015 01:01:23 BBC News - UK

Relatives of a young charity worker who died in India have praised their "beautiful, bright, caring girl".

Vice All News Time21 May 2015 01:01:23

Charity worker dies on India trek

20 May 2015 11:04:45 BBC News - UK

A 19-year-old charity worker dies after becoming ill while trekking in the north of India.

Vice All News Time20 May 2015 11:04:45

'Spiteful' cleaner sprayed call centre worker's sandwiches

19 May 2015 17:17:58 UK headlines

Court hears office cleaner Sharon Edwards snuck into a fridge and sprayed a man's lunch with telephone cleaning spray and air freshener

Vice All News Time19 May 2015 17:17:58

Steven Gerrard's charity game: Someone HAS to do this vanishing spray tribute to Stevie G

29 March 2015 15:04:57 mirror - Sport

Memo to everyone playing at Anfield in the Gerrard v Carragher charity match: please copy this referee's use of the vanishing spray in a Brazilian testimonial

Vice Sport Time29 March 2015 15:04:57

Ollie Floyd: Celtic Manor golf course worker, 20, died after spraying vehicle overturned in lake

04 March 2015 00:12:28 mirror - News

Mr Floyd was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport in a critical condition after an agricultural spraying vehicle that he was in went into the water.

Vice All News Time04 March 2015 00:12:28

VIDEO: The jihadist turned charity worker

05 October 2014 09:46:23 BBC News - UK

A former jihadist who fought on the frontline in Afghanistan, Kashmir and Burma in the 1980s is urging young Muslims not to join the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

Vice All News Time05 October 2014 09:46:23