Madden actor Scott Porter says game can help new NFL fans

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13 September 2017 18:47:09 Sport | Mail Online

A football field under floodlights can evoke more romantic feeling than a card. Scott Porter knows that better than most after becoming the go to actor for people looking to tell a story. Full article on Madden actor Scott Porter says game can help new NFL fans

Vice Sport Time13 September 2017 18:47:09


Madden 18 to feature new 'Longshot' story mode

1.1082616 11 June 2017 02:38:33 Sport | Mail Online

Titled The Longshot, the fresh aspect of the game will be similar to FIFA’s recently added Journey mode and tells the movie-style story of Devon Wade, a quarterback that needs to be guided.

Vice Sport Time11 June 2017 02:38:33

NFL star Tom Brady becomes face of Madden 18

0.66535014 13 May 2017 02:03:16 Sport | Mail Online

Five-time Super Bowl champion, avocado ice cream exponent and now Madden cover star. Yes, New England Patriots' venerable quarterback Tom Brady is the face of Madden 18,

Vice Sport Time13 May 2017 02:03:16

Smith says NFL can learn much from rugby techniques

0.66535014 29 January 2017 02:10:53 Sport | Mail Online

Harrison Smith, one of the NFL’s toughest tacklers, has said the sport can learn much from rugby techniques.

Vice Sport Time29 January 2017 02:10:53

EA get a little too excited when new John Madden game is launched - but it takes a Christmas bauble to show it

0.6609073 25 December 2016 19:24:15 mirror - News

Look very closely at this tweet from the game-maker's official account because you may just see something that will make even Rudolph blush

Vice All News Time25 December 2016 19:24:15

Miami Dolphins and New York Jets fans BRAWL as trouble erupts in car park after NFL game

0.5271848 19 December 2016 11:12:30 mirror - Sport

Two men are seen throwing punches at each other before a third and fourth join in with the brawl

Vice Sport Time19 December 2016 11:12:30

Men guilty of 'mansplaining' are maddening but women can be worse writes SARAH VINE

0.5258305 16 November 2016 03:10:47 News | Mail Online

It’s when a man explains something to you in a manner based on the assumption that you are the dimmest little creature on Earth (file image).

Vice All News Time16 November 2016 03:10:47

Rob Gronkowski cover star of Madden NFL 17 and New England Patriots tight end says he’d love to play Bill Belichick at EA game

0.5219895 13 May 2016 03:51:15 Sport | Mail Online

PETE CARLINE: Rob Gronkowski can’t imagine Bill Belichick using Madden NFL 17 to facilitate team meetings at Foxborough, but he hopes to one day play the coach at the video game.

Vice Sport Time13 May 2016 03:51:15

The Madden NFL 16 trailer is undoubtedly the most extraordinary game advert ever made

0.49281326 25 August 2015 16:16:32 mirror - Sport

Making a crazy action movie to promote a new video game? It probably cost a fortune - but by God, it was worth it

Vice Sport Time25 August 2015 16:16:32

Tottenham to host minimum of two NFL games per season at new stadium

0.48441213 08 July 2015 13:25:48 Sport | Mail Online

Tottenham will host a minimum of two NFL games per season in their new stadium once it opens in the summer of 2018. The 61,000-seater arena will feature a retractable grass field.

Vice Sport Time08 July 2015 13:25:48

Super Bowl 2015: Madden 15 predicts who wins the NFL's biggest game

0.44177493 29 January 2015 21:58:45 mirror - Sport

New England take on Seattle on Sunday for the Lombardi trophy - EA Sports have crunched the numbers and predicted the winner

Vice Sport Time29 January 2015 21:58:45