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13 September 2017 19:30:00 BBC News - UK

Theresa May says an officer starting in 2010 would, by now, have received a 32% increase in pay in real terms. Full article on Reality Check

Vice All News Time13 September 2017 19:30:00


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6.8503475 16 January 2017 19:45:04 BBC News - UK

Donald Trump has said he would like a quick trade deal with the UK. Is that possible?

Vice All News Time16 January 2017 19:45:04

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6.8503475 22 December 2016 13:21:35 BBC News - UK

Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg calls for a big cut in the prison population of England and Wales.

Vice All News Time22 December 2016 13:21:35

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6.8503475 14 December 2016 05:43:45 BBC News - UK

MP Peter Lilley says the UK pays £250m every week it stays in the EU. Is he right?

Vice All News Time14 December 2016 05:43:45

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6.8503475 12 December 2016 22:47:31 BBC News - UK

Jeremy Hunt says social care is getting more money, but council leaders say they face a serious funding gap.

Vice All News Time12 December 2016 22:47:31

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6.8503475 25 November 2016 12:41:59 BBC News - UK

The Office for Budget Responsibility says the vote to leave the EU will add £58.7bn to government borrowing by 2020-21. Is that too gloomy?

Vice All News Time25 November 2016 12:41:59

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6.8503475 18 November 2016 18:51:32 BBC News - UK

A 14-year-old girl won the right to have her body "frozen" in the hope that she can be revived in the future.

Vice All News Time18 November 2016 18:51:32

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6.8503475 07 November 2016 17:43:06 BBC News - UK

Are students included in long-term migration statistics?

Vice All News Time07 November 2016 17:43:06

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6.8503475 24 October 2016 19:31:45 BBC News - UK

Regional governments in Belgium have blocked the EU's trade deal with Canada - could they do the same to the UK?

Vice All News Time24 October 2016 19:31:45

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6.8503475 17 October 2016 18:11:41 BBC News - UK

Officials and charities break down the number of children actually in the Calais 'Jungle'

Vice All News Time17 October 2016 18:11:41

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6.8503475 06 October 2016 19:04:26 BBC News - UK

Prime Minister Theresa May appealed to people whose jobs and wages had been affected by immigration. What do we know about such effects?

Vice All News Time06 October 2016 19:04:26