Canelo Alvarez looks a cool customer in cryotherapy tank

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13 September 2017 19:53:53 Sport | Mail Online

On Saturday September 16, Canelo will step into the ring and touch gloves with Golovkin for the WBA, WBC and IBF middleweight world titles at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. Full article on Canelo Alvarez looks a cool customer in cryotherapy tank

Vice Sport Time13 September 2017 19:53:53


GGG and Canelo Alvarez judge disciplined for scorecard

0.84211236 18 September 2017 09:01:36 Sport | Mail Online

Boxing judge Adalaide Byrd, who brought the sport into disrepute following Gennady Golovkin's fight with Canelo Alvarez, will not score a major title fight in the near future.

Vice Sport Time18 September 2017 09:01:36

Gennady Golovkin wants Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez rematch

0.84211236 17 September 2017 09:26:57 Sport | Mail Online

Golovkin started cautiously but had the edge in the middle rounds as the fight heated up and started to live up to its hype, eventually turning into a brutal and memorable encounter.

Vice Sport Time17 September 2017 09:26:57

Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin weigh-in at 160lbs

0.84211236 16 September 2017 05:49:34 Sport | Mail Online

JEFF POWELL IN LAS VEGAS: Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin both hit the scales exactly on the middleweight limit of 160 lbs for their huge fight.

Vice Sport Time16 September 2017 05:49:34

Canelo Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin: Press conference LIVE

0.84211236 13 September 2017 21:10:11 Sport | Mail Online

The pair clash for Golovkin's WBA, WBC and IBF belts at the T-Mobile Arena on Saturday, in one the most hotly-contested fights of the decade. Watch it LIVE from 8pm with Sportsmail.

Vice Sport Time13 September 2017 21:10:11

Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez's biggest fights

0.84211236 13 September 2017 18:32:52 Sport | Mail Online

It's nearly time for the talking to stop, with the hours ticking down before Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez's hotly-anticipated contest on the Las Vegas Strip moves ever closer.

Vice Sport Time13 September 2017 18:32:52

Gennady Golovkin's warning ahead of Canelo Alvarez bout

0.84211236 13 September 2017 00:49:36 Sport | Mail Online

JEFF POWELL IN LAS VEGAS: Gennady Golovkin has spelled out in graphic terms the elevated levels of danger facing himself and Canelo Alvarez in their war this Saturday night

Vice Sport Time13 September 2017 00:49:36

Canelo Alvarez continues Gennady Golovkin preparations

0.84211236 08 September 2017 11:23:17 Sport | Mail Online

Alvarez, looking for his 50th victory in the contest against the unbeaten, power-punching Kazakh, is continuing his preparations for the bout and has been using a cryotherapy chamber.

Vice Sport Time08 September 2017 11:23:17

Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez v Gennady Golovkin backgrounds

0.84211236 06 September 2017 16:47:07 Sport | Mail Online

With the circus of Floyd Mayweather's victory over Conor McGregor now firmly in the rear view mirror, the titanic battle between Saul Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin can now take centre stage.

Vice Sport Time06 September 2017 16:47:07

Gennady Golovkin calls Canelo Alvarez a 'true champion'

0.84211236 23 June 2017 12:55:28 Sport | Mail Online

Speaking at a media date at Madison Square Garden, Gennady Golovkin joked he has been waiting for the meeting with Canelo Alvarez for the last two or three years.

Vice Sport Time23 June 2017 12:55:28

Gennady Golovkin to face Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas

0.84211236 05 June 2017 22:07:50 Sport | Mail Online

Las Vegas has won the right to stage the long awaited mega fight between Golovkin and Alvarez. The middleweight title bout will take place at the T-Mobile Arena on September 16.

Vice Sport Time05 June 2017 22:07:50