Theresa May's snap election gamble cost taxpayers £140million (and that's without £1billion for the DUP!)

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13 September 2017 20:03:58 mirror - News

She lost her majority and was branded a "dead woman walking". But it wasn't just Theresa May who had to pay out big Full article on Theresa May's snap election gamble cost taxpayers £140million (and that's without £1billion for the DUP!)

Vice All News Time13 September 2017 20:03:58


The Tories were unprepared for a snap election says Theresa May, who called the snap election

0.98414207 28 September 2017 14:15:21 mirror - News

In a frank interview, the Prime Minister, who refused to do head to head debates complains there wasn't enough 'coming together for debates' in the campaign

Vice All News Time28 September 2017 14:15:21

Bombshell leaked memo shows Theresa May ignored warning that gamble of calling snap general election carried "a lot of risk"

0.8978568 03 September 2017 13:27:20 mirror - News

The memo written in April by campaign guru Sir Lynton Crosby said voters did not want the uncertainty an election would cause

Vice All News Time03 September 2017 13:27:20

Voice of the Mirror: Theresa May is forcing taxpayers to pick up £1billion bill for her failure

0.7767815 27 June 2017 00:30:50 mirror - News

The Tory leader has paid the huge sum of money to the DUP for their backing

Vice All News Time27 June 2017 00:30:50

DUP makes 'outline agreement' with Tories to prop up Theresa May's government after general election humiliation

0.7480706 10 June 2017 20:48:52 mirror - News

The Democratic Unionist Party will have a "confidence and supply" arrangement with the Conservatives, but the deal stops short of a formal coalition

Vice All News Time10 June 2017 20:48:52

General election results 2017 live: Latest reaction as Theresa May confirms alliance with DUP to form new government

0.71122783 09 June 2017 14:48:13 mirror - News

The Conservatives were left humiliated after Labour gained dozens of seats, but they have done a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to cling to power

Vice All News Time09 June 2017 14:48:13

Arrogant Theresa May confirms she WON'T quit and will form a government with DUP support despite Tory fury at election mauling

0.71122783 09 June 2017 14:18:28 mirror - News

The Tory leader refused to address any of her failings and confirmed a deal with the DUP despite a backlash mounting within her party over her disastrous general election campaign

Vice All News Time09 June 2017 14:18:28

Theresa May works with DUP to form government

0.6985635 09 June 2017 14:15:48 BBC News - UK

Prime Minister Theresa May says she will form a government that will guide the country through Brexit.

Vice All News Time09 June 2017 14:15:48

Britain heads for a hung parliament after Theresa May's massive election gamble backfires spectacularly

0.68863785 09 June 2017 06:52:25 mirror - News

Theresa May's party lost seats and Labour gained dozens on a night of chaos for the Conservatives - now Theresa May's future and the Brexit talks hang in the balance

Vice All News Time09 June 2017 06:52:25

Will Theresa May quit? Tory leader's massive gamble looks set to backfire after shock general election exit poll

0.68863785 09 June 2017 00:03:57 mirror - News

The Prime Minister has been left reeling as she could lose her overall majority and there are already calls for her to stand down

Vice All News Time09 June 2017 00:03:57

Shock exit poll predicts HUNG PARLIAMENT in general election 2017 as Theresa May gamble backfires

0.68863785 08 June 2017 23:21:21 mirror - News

The earliest indications of the election, released to broadcasters as polls closed at 10pm, suggest the Tories have won with 314 of the vote

Vice All News Time08 June 2017 23:21:21