La Liga set to introduce Video Assistant Referees

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14 November 2017 18:08:37 Football Articles | Mail Online

La Liga plans to introduce video assistant referees (VAR) next season, the league's president Javier Tebas said on Tuesday. Spain's top flight has so far shunned the use of goalline technology. Full article on La Liga set to introduce Video Assistant Referees

Vice Football Time14 November 2017 18:08:37


Video Assistant Referee trial is spoiling the show

2.332668 03 March 2018 07:19:14 Football Articles | Mail Online

SPORTSMAIL COMMENT - IAN LADYMAN: The good news is that VAR is still in its trial stage. As far as the Video Assistant Referee goes, that is where the good news ends.

Vice Football Time03 March 2018 07:19:14

How will video assistant referees work?

1.3593382 08 January 2018 20:08:35 BBC News - UK

Video assistant referees will be used for the first time in English club football in Monday's Brighton v Crystal Palace FA Cup tie, but how does it work?

Vice All News Time08 January 2018 20:08:35


1.3593382 04 January 2018 11:44:50 Football Articles | Mail Online

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Vice Football Time04 January 2018 11:44:50

Video Assistant Referee technology explained

1.3593382 30 December 2017 23:58:42 Football Articles | Mail Online

When Brighton and Crystal Palace walk out at the Amex on Monday week, there will be a Video Assistant Referee sitting in front of several TV screens about 70 miles away.

Vice Football Time30 December 2017 23:58:42

England vs Germany use Video Assistant Referee technology

1.3463376 08 November 2017 23:38:12 Football Articles | Mail Online

GRAHAM POLL: For the first time on an England game at Wembley will feature video technology. Here are the key questions ahead of the tech making its debut as Germany come to town.

Vice Football Time08 November 2017 23:38:12

FIFA: Video assistant referee system needs improvement

1.2313076 27 June 2017 01:33:34 Football Articles | Mail Online

The video assistant referee (VAR) technology being tested at the Confederations Cup in Russia should be refined, the head of refereeing at world soccer's ruling body FIFA said on Monday.

Vice Football Time27 June 2017 01:33:34

Video Assistant Referee system the subject of concern

1.2313076 14 June 2017 19:57:11 Sport | Mail Online

The technology received mixed reviews when it was used in a match involving an English team for the first time during England's friendly defeat to France on Tuesday night.

Vice Sport Time14 June 2017 19:57:11

England vs France friendly to use video assistant referee

1.1651471 13 June 2017 02:14:12 Football Articles | Mail Online

England will play with a video assistant referee for the first time in their friendly against France on Tuesday. The VAR experiment is being trialled by FIFA at select matches and events.

Vice Football Time13 June 2017 02:14:12

Video referees could be used as early as August with EFL Cup set to introduce technology to English football

1.1651471 29 March 2017 16:27:33 mirror - Sport

The EFL board could approve the suggestion in May meaning that VARs are used in the early rounds of the competition

Vice Sport Time29 March 2017 16:27:33

La Liga expects to introduce video technology in 2018

1.1651471 31 January 2017 02:11:39 Football Articles | Mail Online

The league initially refused to comment on the error in Barcelona's 1-1 draw at Real Betis, but president Javier Tebas later said video refereeing will be brought in once it's approved by FIFA.

Vice Football Time31 January 2017 02:11:39