Anger at Chancellor's disability employment comments

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07 December 2017 13:03:39 BBC News - UK

Disability groups call for apology after Philip Hammond's comments on disabled people and work. Full article on Anger at Chancellor's disability employment comments

Vice All News Time07 December 2017 13:03:39


Anger at nearly £4k disabled parking bay charge

1.2619908 22 January 2018 20:47:04 BBC News - UK

A council's charge of £3,800 for installing a disabled parking bay is branded "completely unfair".

Vice All News Time22 January 2018 20:47:04

Zinedine Zidane angered by Gary Lineker's Benzema comments

1.236338 21 October 2017 17:33:46 Football Articles | Mail Online

Hitting back at Lineker, Zidane said: 'For people who know about football to say that, is a disgrace; for me he is the best there is. I don't know if people think the No 9 has to score 50 goals.'

Vice Football Time21 October 2017 17:33:46

Anger as Tory Chancellor tells businesses not to 'collaborate' with the Labour 'menace'

1.1419238 04 October 2017 13:10:41 mirror - News

Philip Hammond made the incendiary remarks at a £400-a-head dinner, according to The Times

Vice All News Time04 October 2017 13:10:41

Anger from Middle East commentators

1.0817958 07 July 2016 11:04:56 BBC News - UK

Middle East media commentators respond angrily to the findings of the Chilcot Iraq War inquiry.

Vice All News Time07 July 2016 11:04:56

Learning disability employment rate 'unacceptable'

1.0817958 04 December 2015 18:09:32 BBC News - UK

Learning disability job rate at "unacceptable" level

Vice All News Time04 December 2015 18:09:32

McConville anger over Adams comment

1.0817064 06 April 2015 12:57:33 BBC News - UK

The family of Jean McConville react angrily after Gerry Adams refers to her kidnap and murder as something that "happens in war".

Vice All News Time06 April 2015 12:57:33

Why are young people scared of disclosing their disability to employers?

1.0135084 13 March 2015 09:32:56 BBC News - UK

Why are job-seeking graduates not being open about disability?

Vice All News Time13 March 2015 09:32:56

Friedel angered by Howard comments

0.95319146 04 December 2014 21:22:21 BBC News - UK

Brad Friedel denies claims by Tim Howard that he tried to block the current Everton keeper's move to Manchester United in 2003.

Vice All News Time04 December 2014 21:22:21

Clegg: Disability comments offensive

0.92725354 16 October 2014 11:16:57 BBC News - UK

Nick Clegg criticises comments by a minister Lord Freud about whether some disabled workers "were worth" the minimum wage.

Vice All News Time16 October 2014 11:16:57

Swindon mayor resigns over 'disabled sex' comments

0.92725354 15 April 2014 14:32:37 UK headlines

Swindon's mayor Nick Martin resigns from his post after his apology for derogatory comments about the disabled fails to satisfy opposition councillors and activists

Vice All News Time15 April 2014 14:32:37