Novelist George Eliot's fans furious over plans for Arabic school at home where she wrote classics

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07 December 2017 13:16:24 mirror - News

The author, whose real name was Mary Anne Evans, lived at Grade II-listed Bird Grove house in the mid to late 1800s Full article on Novelist George Eliot's fans furious over plans for Arabic school at home where she wrote classics

Vice All News Time07 December 2017 13:16:24


Teachers to visit pupils' homes and deliver free uniforms after parents left furious over "inappropriate" school uniform row

0.4577155 18 September 2017 19:59:47 mirror - News

A school has resorted to giving out free uniforms in an ongoing row over dress codes - and teachers will deliver them straight to pupils' homes

Vice All News Time18 September 2017 19:59:47

Prince George will go to private school where best friends are 'banned'

0.4577155 24 March 2017 17:56:11 mirror - News

Kensington Palace wrote on Twitter: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have announced that Prince George will attend Thomas's Battersea School in London from September 2017"

Vice All News Time24 March 2017 17:56:11

George Orwell's adopted son reveals how his dad cared for him while he wrote classic 1984

0.41689986 22 March 2017 22:45:38 mirror - News

Eight decades after Richard's father researched Wigan Peir in the attic room of the town's old library, Richard has returned with the Orwell Society to retrace his steps

Vice All News Time22 March 2017 22:45:38

Home where Enid Bagnold wrote National Velvet is on sale

0.37575886 14 February 2017 03:47:06 News | Mail Online

North End House in Rottingdean, East Sussex, helped to inspire The Chalk Garden - the play by author Enid Bagnold, who was also Samantha Cameron's great-grandmother.

Vice All News Time14 February 2017 03:47:06

Theresa May risks outcry over 'regressive' grammar schools as she plans return to selective education

0.3518999 09 September 2016 01:12:37 mirror - News

The Prime Minister wants to ensure “every child has the chance to go to a good school”, but critics say the move will “entrench inequality and disadvantage”

Vice All News Time09 September 2016 01:12:37

Theresa May facing growing backlash over grammar school plans as she's warned to proceed 'with caution'

0.34881788 07 September 2016 19:22:15 mirror - News

The Tory chair of the Commons education committee said the Government should proceed with “caution”

Vice All News Time07 September 2016 19:22:15

Nuneaton locals' anger over travellers drying washing on BUSHES by George Eliot hospital

0.34328663 19 April 2016 17:16:21 News | Mail Online

Eleven caravans moved onto the site at George Eliot hospital in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, on Saturday. They were spotted hanging pants, socks and shirts on nearby bushes (pictured).

Vice All News Time19 April 2016 17:16:21

Windows 10: Microsoft fans furious over 'death' of classic free games Minesweeper and Solitaire

0.3349171 30 July 2015 11:31:15 mirror - News

Latest version of the operating system comes with a VERY nasty surprise for lovers of old-school games

Vice All News Time30 July 2015 11:31:15

'Where is your mercy? We want to hear from you': Steven Sotloff's furious family confront murderers in Arabic as they pay tribute to a 'gentle soul' who 'tried to find good in a world of darkness'

0.3084788 04 September 2014 04:27:48 News | Mail Online

The family of Steven Sotloff, the American journalist slaughtered in Syria, have described their son as ‘a gentle soul’ who ‘tried to find good in a world of darkness’ in a statement on Wednesday.

Vice All News Time04 September 2014 04:27:48

Repressed Victorians? George Eliot would disagree

0.30497637 06 July 2014 06:35:40 UK headlines

The novelist spent 18 months in a house in Wandsworth with her married lover, says Andrew M Brown

Vice All News Time06 July 2014 06:35:40