White powder package sent to Westminster

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13 February 2018 16:27:01 BBC News - UK

The powder, which was contained in a letter, was found to be non-harmful, police say. Full article on White powder package sent to Westminster

Vice All News Time13 February 2018 16:27:01


Scottish Parliament evacuated after 'packet of white powder sent to Tory office'

3.547626 07 November 2017 13:36:35 mirror - News

Police have confirmed the discovery of a "suspicious package" and everyone was rushed out of the building in Edinburgh

Vice All News Time07 November 2017 13:36:35

Woman sent death threats to Theresa May and closed Harrods with white powder

3.1127384 25 May 2017 22:17:54 mirror - News

Isabella Jackson, 72, made the threats to Theresa May when she was Home Secretary in November 2014 and left her in "considerable distress"

Vice All News Time25 May 2017 22:17:54

Security warning after powder sent to MP

1.9838202 27 April 2017 18:02:19 BBC News - UK

"Suspicious" white powder sent to MP, party HQ and office this week prompts police in Scotland to warn over security

Vice All News Time27 April 2017 18:02:19

Daily Mail offices evacuated 'after suspicious white powder sent to newspaper'

1.9838202 14 November 2016 15:15:11 mirror - News

The Mail shares the offices, Northcliffe House in High Street Kensington, with the Evening Standard, Metro and The Independent

Vice All News Time14 November 2016 15:15:11

Envelopes of white powder with 'P*** filth' scrawled on them are sent to mosques as officials figures reveal 42% increase in race hate crime in June

1.9838202 08 July 2016 19:10:18 News | Mail Online

More than 3,000 hate crimes and incidents were reported to police across the UK in the second half of June - a jump of 42% compared to last year, new figures.

Vice All News Time08 July 2016 19:10:18

Hoax packages sent to Mosques thought to be linked to 'white powder' envelope sent to House of Lords

1.9838202 08 July 2016 18:13:37 mirror - News

Lord Ahmed was sent white powder and a note saying 'p*** filth'. At least three London mosques were sent very similar packages

Vice All News Time08 July 2016 18:13:37

Westminster locked down after suspicious white powder sent to lord

1.3886743 07 July 2016 17:42:47 News | Mail Online

The message, received by Lord Ahmed, contained racist abuse - but because of the suspicious powder, a security operation was launched which led to parts of the Houses of Parliament being closed

Vice All News Time07 July 2016 17:42:47

'Chemical alert' in Houses of Parliament sparked by 'white powder' in envelope delivered to peer

1.2068988 07 July 2016 15:35:51 mirror - News

Police sealed off the House of Lords terrace after a peer reportedly found white powder in an envelope

Vice All News Time07 July 2016 15:35:51

White powder found in Brussels' Grand Mosque sparks anthrax fears

1.1370498 26 November 2015 15:44:55 News | Mail Online

A suspected anthrax scare has forced the sudden evacuation of Brussels Grand mosque as chemical teams were called to the religious building.

Vice All News Time26 November 2015 15:44:55

'Zombie fish' brought back to life thanks to miracle white powder

1.1370498 20 November 2015 15:23:54 mirror - News

The poor swimmer is nearly dead at the start of this video, but a mystery pick-me-up soon does its work

Vice All News Time20 November 2015 15:23:54