Giant pandas director quits Edinburgh Zoo

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13 March 2018 19:43:31 BBC News - UK

News of the departure emerged after it was revealed the zoo's panda breeding programme has been suspended. Full article on Giant pandas director quits Edinburgh Zoo

Vice All News Time13 March 2018 19:43:31


Giant panda breeding programme at Edinburgh Zoo suspended

3.4639537 12 March 2018 17:14:16 BBC News - UK

Edinburgh Zoo's Tian Tian and Yang Guang will not be bred this year, the BBC Scotland news website has learned.

Vice All News Time12 March 2018 17:14:16

Edinburgh Zoo panda 'not having cubs'

3.4639537 11 September 2017 12:48:52 BBC News - UK

Earlier this summer there were indications that Tian Tian might be pregnant after artificial insemination.

Vice All News Time11 September 2017 12:48:52

Edinburgh Zoo's giant panda Tian Tian loses her unborn cub

2.8866282 25 August 2015 19:02:16 mirror - News

It is believed she has 'resorbed her pregnancy in late term' which is a common occurrence in giant pandas, experts said

Vice All News Time25 August 2015 19:02:16

Edinburgh zoo panda 'not pregnant'

2.8866282 25 August 2015 08:22:27 BBC News - UK

The UK's only female giant panda will not give birth to a cub this year, experts at Edinburgh Zoo believe.

Vice All News Time25 August 2015 08:22:27

Edinburgh's giant panda Tian Tian IS pregnant, say zoo bosses

2.8866282 12 August 2014 18:26:35 News | Mail Online

Tian Tian (pictured could give birth by the end of the month. The Giant Panda was artificially inseminated after failing to mate with Yang Guang. The animals are on loan to Edinburgh Zoo.

Vice All News Time12 August 2014 18:26:35

Edinburgh Zoo's giant panda confirmed pregnant

2.8866282 12 August 2014 17:57:48 UK headlines

Iain Valentine, Director of the Giant Panda Project at Edinburgh Zoo, says all tests have proved that Tian Tian is pregnant and that if all goes well, they should see a cub towards the end of the month

Vice All News Time12 August 2014 17:57:48

Giant panda Tian Tian is 'pregnant', Edinburgh Zoo says

2.8866282 12 August 2014 12:53:58 UK headlines

Tian Tian may give birth at the end of the month, according to latest round of scientific tests

Vice All News Time12 August 2014 12:53:58

Edinburgh Zoo 'pretty sure' Tian Tian the giant panda has conceived

2.8866282 09 July 2014 04:22:18 News | Mail Online

Speculation is mounting that giant panda Tian Tian is pregnant after staff at Edinburgh Zoo confirmed they were 'pretty sure' she is expecting.

Vice All News Time09 July 2014 04:22:18

VIDEO: A baby panda for Edinburgh zoo?

2.8866282 08 July 2014 22:41:16 BBC News - UK

Edinburgh Zoo's Giant Panda Tian Tian has conceived after being artificially inseminated earlier this year, but experts say she is not technically pregnant.

Vice All News Time08 July 2014 22:41:16

Giant panda Tian Tian could be ready to mate, say Edinburgh Zoo

2.8671322 31 March 2014 13:37:38 UK headlines

There was disappointment last year when Britain's only giant panda couple did not mate and when female Tian Tian lost her foetus at late term after being artificially inseminated

Vice All News Time31 March 2014 13:37:38