Syria: Does Russia always use a veto at the UN Security Council?

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16 April 2018 17:40:17 BBC News - UK

Russia has been criticised for vetoing UN resolutions related to Syria. Full article on Syria: Does Russia always use a veto at the UN Security Council?

Vice All News Time16 April 2018 17:40:17


Do not let Syria 'spiral out of control', UN warns US and Russia

1.9022946 12 April 2018 18:56:00 News | Mail Online

As tensions mounted today over a face-off with Syria's ally Russia, opponents of unilateral US action called an emergency closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council.

Vice All News Time12 April 2018 18:56:00

Lyall Grant says Russia's bizarre rant at the UN Security Council shows the Kremlin is rattled

1.7345289 06 April 2018 16:10:33 News | Mail Online

Mark Lyall Grant said the Kremlin's bizarre presentation at the UN Security Council last night was the latest attempt to 'muddy the waters'.

Vice All News Time06 April 2018 16:10:33

Britain will demand a 'robust' response at UN Security Council

1.4716785 14 March 2018 18:42:31 News | Mail Online

The Prime Minister told MPs there would be an urgent meeting in New York to discuss the Kremlin-sponsored attack on Sergei Skripal in Salisbury.

Vice All News Time14 March 2018 18:42:31

Boris Johnson 'dismayed' by Russia's UN Syria veto

1.2263988 13 April 2017 00:04:32 BBC News - UK

The foreign secretary called on Russia to stop acting "as a lifeline for a murderous regime".

Vice All News Time13 April 2017 00:04:32

US vetoes UN job for former Palestinian prime minister

1.1253933 11 February 2017 13:52:59 UK Homepage

Ramallah accuses Trump administration of discrimination on basis of national identity

Vice All News Time11 February 2017 13:52:59

US and Russia target Syria ceasefire

1.0676607 16 July 2016 15:47:02 UK Homepage

Kerry and Lavrov agree ‘concrete steps’ after marathon talks

Vice All News Time16 July 2016 15:47:02

Russia says ISIS are using chemical weapons in Syria after UN confirm discovery of deadly gases

0.98516536 05 January 2016 16:23:27 mirror - News

The claims come over two years after Assad agreed to hand over Syria's entire arsenal of chemical weapons

Vice All News Time05 January 2016 16:23:27

Russia names US as threat to security

0.9061906 02 January 2016 16:16:59 UK Homepage

New appraisal highlights deterioration in relations between Moscow and the west

Vice All News Time02 January 2016 16:16:59

UN Security Council backs Syria peace plan

0.9003146 19 December 2015 00:34:59 UK Homepage

‘Road map resolution’ calls for ceasefire, talks and unity government

Vice All News Time19 December 2015 00:34:59

Syria crisis: Russia may use veto to thwart UN action against Assad

0.9003146 27 September 2013 23:12:37 UK headlines

Bashar al-Assad could escape punishment if he fails to surrender his chemical weapons, after Russia reserved the right to veto any future action by the United Nations against Syria's regime.

Vice All News Time27 September 2013 23:12:37