VIDEO: How to deal with Twitter trolls?

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31 July 2013 14:18:27 BBC News - UK

MP Stella Creasy and blogger Toby Young join Newsnight's Gavin Esler to debate how to deal with people who engage in offensive and abusive behaviour on the social networking site Twitter. Full article on VIDEO: How to deal with Twitter trolls?

Vice All News Time31 July 2013 14:18:27


Sarkozy’s battle with Twitter trolls

2.5797074 18 May 2015 17:42:08 UK Homepage

It was the irreverent queries, not Sarkozy’s replies, that hit headlines, says Anne-Sylvaine Chassany

Vice All News Time18 May 2015 17:42:08

How Russia's 'troll factory' runs thousands of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts to flood social media with pro-Putin propaganda

2.104088 29 March 2015 12:16:45 News | Mail Online

Hundreds of workers are paid £500 a month to work exhausting 12-hour shifts from a modern office building in St Petersburg, Russia, flooding the internet with pro-Krelim messages.

Vice All News Time29 March 2015 12:16:45

Britain's worst Twitter trolls

2.104088 05 February 2015 17:47:16 UK headlines

Abusive, threatening and obnoxious, we chronicle Britain's most prolific Twitter trolls

Vice All News Time05 February 2015 17:47:16

Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo admits the social network 'sucks' at dealing with trolls

1.826086 05 February 2015 13:56:48 News | Mail Online

Dick Costolo (pictured) said that he is embarrassed by the way Twitter handles abuse and that it must take stronger action in the future.

Vice All News Time05 February 2015 13:56:48

Twitter "sucks" at dealing with trolls, confesses CEO as he vows to kick off abusive users

1.5331925 05 February 2015 10:58:57 mirror - News

Twitter's CEO has confessed he's ashamed at the amount of trolling and abuse that occurs on the social network - and has vowed to change it

Vice All News Time05 February 2015 10:58:57

How to deal with online trolls

1.5331925 22 December 2014 19:29:59 mirror - News

What you can do to fight back against the aggressive internet irritants

Vice All News Time22 December 2014 19:29:59

VIDEO: Jailed Twitter troll speaks of regret

1.4608688 17 November 2014 08:51:20 BBC News - UK

Internet trolling has become a growing problem in recent years, but is enough being done to teach children about online abuse?

Vice All News Time17 November 2014 08:51:20

VIDEO: McCann 'Twitter troll' found dead

1.4380952 06 October 2014 07:54:44 BBC News - UK

A 63-year-old woman, who was allegedly part of an internet hate campaign against the family of Madeleine McCann, is found dead in a hotel.

Vice All News Time06 October 2014 07:54:44

New video shows Josie Cunningham blaming "Twitter trolls" for her decision to have an abortion

1.4027253 20 April 2014 12:42:53 mirror - News

The wannabe celebrity tells the Sunday Mirror that she wants to just "p*** off" people who have criticised her online

Vice All News Time20 April 2014 12:42:53

James Blunt exposes Twitter trolls

1.3415436 26 October 2013 12:09:15 UK headlines

Singer James Blunt rewteets and responds to Twitter trolls in bid to expose abusive commenters on social media

Vice All News Time26 October 2013 12:09:15