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Mother and stepfather who murdered Daniel Pelka lose appeal

09 December 2014 18:30:47 News | Mail Online

'Callous and wretched' Magdalena Luczak, 27, and Mariusz Krezolek, 34, killed Daniel Pelka after they force-fed him salt, tortured him and locked him in a tiny room in Coventry.

Vice All News Time09 December 2014 18:30:47


Daniel Pelka's stepfather loses murder conviction appeal

09 December 2014 13:15:16 UK headlines

Mariusz Krezolek loses Court of Appeal bid to challenge conviction for murdering stepson Daniel Pelka as boy's mother Magdelena Luczak appeals sentence

Vice All News Time09 December 2014 13:15:16

VIDEO: Pelka death council 'inadequate'

21 March 2014 19:53:02 BBC News - UK

Children's services in Coventry - in the spotlight since four-year-old Daniel Pelka's death - have been branded "inadequate" by Ofsted.

Vice All News Time21 March 2014 19:53:02

Daniel Pelka case children's services branded 'inadequate'

21 March 2014 12:11:51 UK headlines

Coventry City Council, who came under fire over death of four-year-old Daniel Pelka, beaten to death by mother and stepfather, found "inadequate" by Ofsted

Vice All News Time21 March 2014 12:11:51

Pelka death council 'inadequate'

21 March 2014 02:27:37 BBC News - UK

Coventry City Council's children's service - in the spotlight since the 2012 death of four-year-old Daniel Pelka - is branded "inadequate" by Ofsted.

Vice All News Time21 March 2014 02:27:37

Pelka council 'overwhelmed' by cases

14 March 2014 15:15:35 BBC News - UK

The head of the social care department that "missed chances" to save the life of four-year-old Daniel Pelka, says the council has been "overwhelmed" by cases.

Vice All News Time14 March 2014 15:15:35

Pelka case continues to haunt city

03 March 2014 12:04:44 BBC News - UK

The case of murdered child Daniel Pelka still affects social workers

Vice All News Time03 March 2014 12:04:44

Pelka assessments 'poor quality'

05 February 2014 13:46:18 BBC News - UK

A report criticises poor record-keeping and insufficient training among professionals involved with the murdered four-year-old Daniel Pelka.

Vice All News Time05 February 2014 13:46:18

Daniel Pelka memorial unveiled

17 November 2013 18:54:04 BBC News - UK

A memorial stone for Daniel Pelka, the four-year-old boy who died after being starved by his mother, is unveiled in Coventry.

Vice All News Time17 November 2013 18:54:04

Head of Daniel Pelka's primary school suspended

09 November 2013 10:40:30 UK headlines

Darren Clews, head teacher of the school attended by murdered four-year-old Daniel Pelka, is suspended

Vice All News Time09 November 2013 10:40:30