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Pimp jailed for hiring out underage girls for sex revealed as girl of 16

07 July 2017 04:52:27 mirror - News

Jelinajane Bedrijo Almario posted pictures of the girls on prostitution websites then took them to motels to meet men for sex

Vice All News Time07 July 2017 04:52:27


Girls pose for friendly picture - but something pretty spooky is going on behind them

01 June 2017 16:53:41 mirror - News

At first glance it's a perfectly normal picture of four friends on a day out

Vice All News Time01 June 2017 16:53:41

Champion kickboxer ‘raped and abused girls as young as 11

15 March 2017 03:31:51 News | Mail Online

Mixed martial arts Instructor Curtis Page (pictured), of Epsom in Surrey, is accused of preying on vulnerable underage girls who looked up to him as a ‘father figure’.

Vice All News Time15 March 2017 03:31:51

Picture parents prayed to see: Brave girl, 3, gets second chance after 'hero' donates life-saving bone marrow

26 November 2016 09:36:45 mirror - News

Ava Stark has been pictured recovering in hospital after finally receiving the transplant with her mum declaring her little girl's "new birthday"

Vice All News Time26 November 2016 09:36:45

'Sex addict' biology teacher who asked girl, 13, to send topless pictures and had a stash of child porn on his computer is spared jail

06 October 2016 16:42:54 News | Mail Online

James Luff, 32, a former teacher at Lutterworth College in Leicestershire, who asked a 13-year-old girl to send him topless pictures and had a stash of child porn on his computer has been spared jail.

Vice All News Time06 October 2016 16:42:54

'Sex addict' teacher who asked girl, 13, to send topless pictures and had child porn on computer is spared jail

06 October 2016 16:12:02 mirror - News

James Luff was head of biology at Lutterworth College, in Leicestershire, when he requested revealing pictures from a girl on the internet

Vice All News Time06 October 2016 16:12:02

Female paedophile jailed for sexually assaulting three-year-old girl

13 September 2016 03:52:48 News | Mail Online

Sadie Annette Morris, 24, from Leicestershire, posed naked with the girl and sent pictures from her Blackberry to a male friend.

Vice All News Time13 September 2016 03:52:48

David Cameron's ex-porn adviser walks free after being caught with 'sexualised' pictures of young girls

02 June 2016 11:44:14 mirror - News

65-year-old Patrick Rock had pictures of scantily-clad girls as young as 10 in sexual poses on his iPad, a court heard

Vice All News Time02 June 2016 11:44:14

Chef claimed to be underage girl after being sent naked pictures from man on dating site in blackmail plot

13 May 2016 14:12:40 mirror - News

Richard Stacey, 21, got the victim to send him naked pictures before claiming to be an underage girl and demanded £6,000

Vice All News Time13 May 2016 14:12:40

Chef who sent inappropriate pictures to 14-year-old girl despite knowing she was underage is spared jail

12 April 2016 23:49:12 mirror - News

Ben Moss, 18, asked the girl "do you want to see it?" and sent the disgusting picture despite her telling him no

Vice All News Time12 April 2016 23:49:12