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Ousted UKIP leader Henry Bolton 'to set up new party'

06 March 2018 12:24:28 BBC News - UK

Sacked UK Independence Party leader Henry Bolton says he is to set up a new pro-Brexit party.

Vice All News Time06 March 2018 12:24:28


Ex-UKIP leader Henry Bolton and Jo Marney: We're not racists

22 February 2018 16:34:02 BBC News - UK

Henry Bolton has quit UKIP the party says, as he appears alongside girlfriend Jo Marney on the ITV sofa.

Vice All News Time22 February 2018 16:34:02

Ex-UKIP leader Henry Bolton back with girlfriend Jo Marney

20 February 2018 12:23:41 BBC News - UK

Henry Bolton hints at possible wedding bells after saying he is back together with Jo Marney.

Vice All News Time20 February 2018 12:23:41

UKIP members vote to sack leader Bolton

17 February 2018 17:46:47 BBC News - UK

UKIP members vote to sack party leader Henry Bolton after controversy over racist messages sent by his partner

Vice All News Time17 February 2018 17:46:47

UKIP: Henry Bolton faces make-or-break leadership vote

17 February 2018 01:23:01 BBC News - UK

Activists will choose whether to back or sack Henry Bolton following criticism of his private life.

Vice All News Time17 February 2018 01:23:01

UKIP leader Henry Bolton: It's not all over

11 February 2018 11:50:57 BBC News - UK

Henry Bolton says he still has "strong affection" for Jo Marney but insists he can remain as leader.

Vice All News Time11 February 2018 11:50:57

Nigel Farage: UKIP's Henry Bolton can emulate Corbyn

23 January 2018 10:21:11 BBC News - UK

Henry Bolton could "win the day" if he produces a bold plan to change UKIP, his predecessor says.

Vice All News Time23 January 2018 10:21:11

UKIP deputy leader Margot Parker resigns in protest to Henry Bolton

22 January 2018 06:55:15 BBC News - UK

MEP Margot Parker said the party was in "limbo" because of Henry Bolton's refusal to resign.

Vice All News Time22 January 2018 06:55:15

UKIP leader given vote of 'no confidence'

21 January 2018 18:07:37 BBC News - UK

UKIP's ruling body unanimously backs vote of no confidence in leader Henry Bolton

Vice All News Time21 January 2018 18:07:37

UKIP leader Henry Bolton faces crunch meeting

21 January 2018 09:17:52 BBC News - UK

The party leader is set to face a confidence vote when he meets UKIP's ruling committee later.

Vice All News Time21 January 2018 09:17:52