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Stealth violation

18 August 2017 02:52:08 BBC News - UK

After Gina Martin took a stand against 'upskirting', we asked if readers had ever experienced it. They had.

Vice All News Time18 August 2017 02:52:08


Make 'upskirt' photography a sexual offence - Labour

11 August 2017 16:31:44 BBC News - UK

Labour backs campaign by a woman who found men had taken photographs up her skirt at a music festival.

Vice All News Time11 August 2017 16:31:44

David Moyes accused of verbally abusing Jacqui Oatley

11 April 2017 10:37:34 Sport | Mail Online

David Moyes has been accused of verbally abusing a second female reporter when manager of Everton. New footage from 2012 shows him take exception to questions from Jacqui Oatley.

Vice Sport Time11 April 2017 10:37:34

Jacqui Oatley appears to laugh off Paul Ince's "Darling" comment as former Man United star receives mixed feedback

29 March 2017 13:36:33 mirror - Sport

The pair were at loggerheads over the involvement of video technology in football following its use in the France vs Spain international friendly

Vice Sport Time29 March 2017 13:36:33

Lottery winner Jacqui Shannon ignored email telling her she'd won £1m

02 December 2016 03:19:57 News | Mail Online

Charity manager Jacqui Shannon (pictured), from Witham in Essex, scooped one of the two UK Millionaire Maker prizes in the EuroMillions draw, but thought she had only won a small prize.

Vice All News Time02 December 2016 03:19:57

Match Of The Day's Jacqui Oatley had to call police after receiving online threats

11 October 2016 03:14:53 News | Mail Online

The British presenter (pictured), who works for BBC and ITV, revealed how she had contacted the police a second time after a schoolboy referee sent her an abusive message over Twitter.

Vice All News Time11 October 2016 03:14:53

Jacqui Oatley forced to make police complaint after receiving online threat to 'cut' her

09 October 2016 19:26:26 mirror - Sport

The sports broadcaster was sent a series of threats on social media with a man threatening to go to her house and 'cut' her amongst other 'unmentionable' things

Vice Sport Time09 October 2016 19:26:26

Taking upskirt pictures is NOT a crime in US state after bizarre ruling

22 July 2016 19:32:49 mirror - News

The bizarre ruling followed the case of Brandon Lee Gary, who in June 2013 took pictures up the skirt of a woman as she shopped in the store where he worked

Vice All News Time22 July 2016 19:32:49

Pervert pensioner tried to take upskirt picture of schoolgirl at McDonald's

05 January 2016 22:06:39 mirror - News

Sick Arthur Shayler, 72, targeted the 11-year-old victim as she met with friends at McDonalds in Solihull, West Midlands before he was spotted by a schoolboy

Vice All News Time05 January 2016 22:06:39

Steph Houghton and Jacqui Oatley among high-profile women to receive New Year Honours

31 December 2015 02:30:27 Sport | Mail Online

England football captain Houghton leapt to national prominence as skipper of the England team which finished third in the Women's World Cup last summer and has now been made an MBE.

Vice Sport Time31 December 2015 02:30:27