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How 370 investors lost £18m - in minutes

26 April 2015 10:10:59 UK headlines

A shock move by the Swiss National Bank left a group of British investors suddenly in debt. One, who staked less than £10,000, now faces losses of £250,000

Vice All News Time26 April 2015 10:10:59


Serafim Todorov, the last man to beat Floyd Mayweather, lives on £370-a-month state handout in Bulgaria

05 April 2015 11:58:41 Sport | Mail Online

Serafim Todorov, the last man to beat Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring, now lives on a £370-a-month hand out from the Bulgarian government.

Vice Sport Time05 April 2015 11:58:41

Dental school passes latest check-up

23 March 2015 07:37:08 BBC News - UK

The latest report into Belfast's School of Dentistry says the centre remains fit to retain its registration, but highlights ongoing problems that still have not been addressed.

Vice All News Time23 March 2015 07:37:08

Crufts 2015 poisoning: Reports of second dog death looked into by organisers

10 March 2015 18:41:33 mirror - News

The latest reports follows the death of Irish setter Jagger, who it is thought may have been poisoned

Vice All News Time10 March 2015 18:41:33

Live blog: UK inflation report

12 February 2015 11:40:31 UK Homepage

Carney presents latest Bank of England thinking

Vice All News Time12 February 2015 11:40:31

Transfer deadline day recap: All the latest moves, news and reaction on the final day of the window

03 February 2015 02:35:07 mirror - Sport

As Premier League clubs tried to beat the clock, we had all the very latest from our reporters up and down the country throughout Monday

Vice Sport Time03 February 2015 02:35:07

Transfer deadline day LIVE: All the latest moves, news and reaction on the final day of the window

02 February 2015 08:16:56 mirror - Sport

As all the Premier League clubs try to beat the clock we'll have all the very latest from our reporters up and down the country, right here

Vice Sport Time02 February 2015 08:16:56

Ched Evans to Oldham: latest

08 January 2015 14:02:35 Sport

Follow all the reaction as League One club decide against signing convicted rapist after reported threat to director's daughter and death threats to board members

Vice All News Time08 January 2015 14:02:35

Dutch anger as Turkey arrests reporter

06 January 2015 19:45:25 UK Homepage

Detention is the latest clash between government and Turkish media

Vice All News Time06 January 2015 19:45:25

Pakistan school attack: Latest updates on Taliban massacre

16 December 2014 11:10:59 mirror - News

Taliban gunmen launched the attack at a military-run school in the northwestern city of Peshawar. Media reports in the country say hundreds more have been taken captive

Vice All News Time16 December 2014 11:10:59