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Live updates as Michaella McCollum speaks for first time about two years in Peru jails for drug smuggling

03 April 2016 22:33:53 mirror - News

Michaella was one of the 'Peru Two' jailed in 2013 for six years and eight months after being caught at Lima Airport on August 6, 2013 attempting to fly to Spain

Vice All News Time03 April 2016 22:33:53


Peru Two Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid jailed for six years and eight months for smuggling drugs

18 December 2013 03:51:25 News | Mail Online

Michaella McCollum (left) and Melissa Reid (right) - the 'Peru Two' - were yesterday jailed in Lima for more than six years for drug smuggling in Peru.

Vice All News Time18 December 2013 03:51:25

UK drug smugglers jailed in Peru

17 December 2013 18:45:35 BBC News - UK

Two UK women who tried to smuggle drugs out of Peru sentenced to six years and eight months, lawyer says

Vice All News Time17 December 2013 18:45:35

Peru drugs pair sentencing delayed

09 December 2013 19:23:16 BBC News - UK

The sentencing of two women who pleaded guilty to trying to smuggle cocaine out of Peru is postponed.

Vice All News Time09 December 2013 19:23:16

Peru Two prosecutors demand more information

26 September 2013 04:12:31 News | Mail Online

Prosecutors said they wanted more information off the women about the drugs gang that sent them to Peru to pick up £1.5million of cocaine.

Vice All News Time26 September 2013 04:12:31

Peru drugs women pleas 'not enough'

25 September 2013 22:29:35 BBC News - UK

Prosecutors in Peru are objecting to the guilty pleas by two women from the UK caught trying to smuggle cocaine out of Peru.

Vice All News Time25 September 2013 22:29:35

VIDEO: Pair in court on Peru drugs charges

24 September 2013 21:25:58 BBC News - UK

Two British women have appeared before a judge in Peru accused of trying to smuggle drugs out of the country.

Vice All News Time24 September 2013 21:25:58

Peru drugs woman 'to plead guilty'

24 September 2013 18:19:15 BBC News - UK

Two women from the UK accused of trying to smuggle cocaine out of Peru are expected to enter guilty pleas when they appear in court.

Vice All News Time24 September 2013 18:19:15

Peru drug mules could be sent to jails in Britain after guilty pleas

18 September 2013 16:02:12 News | Mail Online

The two women (pictured) awaiting trial in Peru for drug trafficking have admitted detectives do not believe they were kidnapped and forced into smuggling cocaine.

Vice All News Time18 September 2013 16:02:12

Peru drugs woman 'negotiating plea'

17 September 2013 12:41:00 BBC News - UK

One of two women arrested in Peru on suspicion of drug smuggling is negotiating a guilty plea with the authorities, her father says.

Vice All News Time17 September 2013 12:41:00