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Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero surprise Manchester City academy players

22 March 2018 15:21:16 BBC News - UK

Sergio Aguero brings Argentina team-mate Lionel Messi to Manchester City's under-7s training session, and the kids look stunned.

Vice All News Time22 March 2018 15:21:16


Lionel Messi lands in Manchester as Argentina train at the Etihad

20 March 2018 17:59:24 Football Articles | Mail Online

Lionel Messi has landed in Manchester ahead of Argentina's showdown friendly against Italy on Friday. Messi touched down at Manchester Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

Vice Football Time20 March 2018 17:59:24

Barcelona 2-0 Athletic Bilbao: Lionel Messi and Paco Alcacer strike

18 March 2018 18:28:25 Sport | Mail Online

PETE JENSON: First half goals from Paco Alcacer and Lionel Messi gave Barcelona a 2-0 victory at home to Athletic Bilbao on Sunday

Vice Sport Time18 March 2018 18:28:25

Failure to stop Lionel Messi could be last straw for Antonio Conte

16 March 2018 00:42:01 Football Articles | Mail Online

JEFF POWELL: The genius of Lionel Messi was a delight to behold, even in the eyes of Chelsea manager Antonio Conte as Barcelona pushed him ever closer to the sack.

Vice Football Time16 March 2018 00:42:01

Four moments of Lionel Messi magic from Chelsea win at the Nou Camp

15 March 2018 13:51:54 Football Articles | Mail Online

Lionel Messi delivered another masterclass to send Barcelona into the quarter-finals of the Champions League on Wednesday night. Here are four magical Messi moments from the game.

Vice Football Time15 March 2018 13:51:54

Lionel Messi analysis: The difference between Barcelona & Chelsea

15 March 2018 11:46:21 Football Articles | Mail Online

One of the late Stephen Hawking’s theories was that black holes lead to alternate universes. After Wednesday night, Chelsea might be seeking out one in which Lionel Messi does not exist.

Vice Football Time15 March 2018 11:46:21

Lionel Messi is the 'best in the world' - Antonio Conte

15 March 2018 10:22:56 Football Articles | Mail Online

Lionel Messi was lauded by Antonio Conte after punishing Chelsea's mistakes to send Barcelona through to the Champions League quarter-finals.

Vice Football Time15 March 2018 10:22:56

Rio Ferdinand goes wild celebrating Lionel Messi display vs Chelsea

15 March 2018 09:20:24 Football Articles | Mail Online

There are not many fans of football who are not blown away by Lionel Messi when he is on song. And that stretches to people who have had sensational careers of their own in the game.

Vice Football Time15 March 2018 09:20:24

Scout who discovered Lionel Messi saw 'abnormal ability'

14 March 2018 11:09:39 Football Articles | Mail Online

The football scout famous for the discovery of Lionel Messi has admitted the 'abnormal ability' of the youngster made it obvious he was destined for greatness.

Vice Football Time14 March 2018 11:09:39

Lionel Messi and I are creative geniuses, says Stephen Curry

08 March 2018 19:34:41 Sport | Mail Online

They may play two completely different sports across the Atlantic but Stephen Curry sees a lot of similarities between himself and Lionel Messi.

Vice Sport Time08 March 2018 19:34:41

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