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'Liver branding' surgeon Simon Bramhall fined £10,000

12 January 2018 13:54:56 BBC News - UK

Simon Bramhall is fined for branding his initials on two patients' livers.

Vice All News Time12 January 2018 13:54:56


Surgeon marked initials on patients' livers

13 December 2017 16:58:50 BBC News - UK

Surgeon admits marking his initials on the livers of two patients during transplant operations.

Vice All News Time13 December 2017 16:58:50

Everton FC: Farhad Moshiri buys Royal Liver Building

05 April 2017 13:10:12 Football Articles | Mail Online

Everton majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri has jointly bought the Royal Liver Building and its famous rooftop Liver Birds in as show of pride in Liverpool as a 'thriving international city'.

Vice Football Time05 April 2017 13:10:12

Teens are getting liver damage from overeating

19 March 2017 04:07:14 News | Mail Online

British teenagers are now being treated for cirrhosis of the liver caused by overeating. The disease, where the liver becomes scarred, lumpy and shrunken, is associated with alcoholism.

Vice All News Time19 March 2017 04:07:14

Send heavy drinkers for liver scan, GPs told

19 December 2016 12:09:58 BBC News - UK

Women who drink more than three-and-a-half bottles of wine a week should get their livers checked, say guidelines.

Vice All News Time19 December 2016 12:09:58

Royal Liver building put up for sale

17 October 2016 12:53:54 BBC News - UK

Liverpool's Royal Liver building is put up for sale for the first time in its history.

Vice All News Time17 October 2016 12:53:54

Liver attack

31 July 2016 03:50:23 BBC News - UK

When Allan Little began to feel ill, he knew almost immediately what it was - Lyme Disease. But getting a medical diagnosis - and treatment - took a lot longer.

Vice All News Time31 July 2016 03:50:23

VIDEO: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

19 May 2015 07:34:36 BBC News - UK

Scientists are hoping to find a cure for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Vice All News Time19 May 2015 07:34:36

Obesity will overtake alcohol for biggest cause of liver failure

04 May 2015 00:32:41 mirror - News

By the end of the decade over-eating will be a bigger cause of liver disease than drinking

Vice All News Time04 May 2015 00:32:41

GPs 'failing' to find liver disease

27 November 2014 02:46:57 BBC News - UK

Early detection of liver disease by GPs in the UK is "virtually non-existent", leading medical experts warn.

Vice All News Time27 November 2014 02:46:57