Liverpool hooligans jailed 2014

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Hooligan who shoved Polish man onto tube tracks jailed

27 January 2017 19:00:16 News | Mail Online

Shocking CCTV captures Christopher Cole, who has 18 previous convictions for violence, follow David Pietraszek before shoving him off a the platform at Bond Street in front of horrified onlookers.

Vice All News Time27 January 2017 19:00:16


Ex-leader of Manchester City hooligan gang jailed after tipping off police

29 November 2016 12:54:44 News | Mail Online

Mickey Francis, a father-of-eight, and the former leader of Manchester City's hooligan gang has been jailed for four-and-a-half years for running a loan shark that 'preyed on the vulnerable'.

Vice All News Time29 November 2016 12:54:44

Euro 2016 football hooligans should be jailed for their violence

14 June 2016 00:13:15 mirror - News

Voice of the Mirror says police should cage the Euro thugs

Vice All News Time14 June 2016 00:13:15

Footballer Dean Wells once jailed for hooliganism is set to play for Stevenage against Leyton Orient... whose fans he brawled with!

18 August 2015 12:02:19 Football Articles | Mail Online

Dean Wells was found guilty of affray in 2011 after being part of a mob of Brentford fans during an arranged brawl with Leyton Orient supporters outside Liverpool Street Station in May 2010.

Vice Football Time18 August 2015 12:02:19

Veteran football hooligans 'return'

10 April 2015 15:12:40 BBC News - UK

Football hooligans from the 1980s are out of retirement and encouraging the next generation to join their "gangs", Cambridge United's chairman says.

Vice All News Time10 April 2015 15:12:40

Platini fears rise of hooliganism

24 March 2015 10:09:59 BBC News - UK

Uefa chief Michel Platini warns of a return to hooliganism's "dark days" unless public authorities help govern the game.

Vice All News Time24 March 2015 10:09:59

Liverpool vs Manchester United: Merseyside police on red alert as hooligans see banning orders expire

18 March 2015 11:47:56 Football Articles | Mail Online

Police officers on Merseyside are on alert for Sunday's crunch clash between Liverpool and Manchester United after a number of well-known United hooligans saw their banning orders expire.

Vice Football Time18 March 2015 11:47:56

Hooligan risk for Scotland v England

17 November 2014 15:03:14 BBC News - UK

Police say they have intelligence that known English football hooligans are planning to travel to Glasgow for the Scotland v England friendly.

Vice All News Time17 November 2014 15:03:14

In pictures: Liverpool Biennial 2014

07 July 2014 02:07:08 BBC News - UK

Derelict union office becomes art gallery in Liverpool

Vice All News Time07 July 2014 02:07:08

World Cup 2014: England fans attacked by hooligans in Sao Paulo

20 June 2014 05:16:23 Football - Fixtures, results, news, match reports, comment

England fans preparing for the match against Uruguay are attacked with petrol bombs and "mortars" in a bar in Sao Paulo

Vice All News Time20 June 2014 05:16:23