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Kate McCann reveals she buys missing Maddie a Christmas present every year - and her daughter's room is exactly the same

23 December 2017 00:33:40 mirror - News

Kate McCann, 49, said that Maddie's room is exactly as it was before the youngster went missing aged three in May 2007

Vice All News Time23 December 2017 00:33:40


Crime expert claims Maddie 'died in the apartment'

16 March 2017 03:34:31 News | Mail Online

Moita Flores, a Portuguese crime expert, has lashed out at Kate, 49, and Gerry McCann, 48, and made an outrageous claim about the night that Maddie vanished in the Algarve almost 10 years ago.

Vice All News Time16 March 2017 03:34:31

Maddie McCann's parents 'nearly tricked out of £25,000 by Karen Matthews'

05 March 2017 06:39:33 mirror - News

Kate McCann thought Matthews was also going through the same agony of losing a daughter and asked Madeleine fund trustees to send cash

Vice All News Time05 March 2017 06:39:33

Kate McCann: 'We go to bed each night hoping tomorrow will lead us to Maddie'

05 November 2016 00:19:55 mirror - News

Brave mum reveals her continued torment as she delivers impassioned speech to launch a new charity appeal to 'Find Every Child'

Vice All News Time05 November 2016 00:19:55

Police launch probe into what Freud knew about Maddie as we uncover new details about ex-MP's disturbing relationship with the McCanns

25 June 2016 02:49:45 News | Mail Online

Clement Freud often chronicled his summer exploits in Praia da Luz; and given how he chose to befriend the McCanns, we might find these jottings quite pertinent.

Vice All News Time25 June 2016 02:49:45

Theresa May grants Scotland Yard another £95k to help find Madeleine McCann

03 April 2016 18:17:39 mirror - News

As the Maddie McCann investigation - which has failed to dig up any new clues - was set to wrap up, the Home Secretary has come to the rescue

Vice All News Time03 April 2016 18:17:39

Where is Madeleine McCann? After Paraguay sighting claim here are 10 other countries Maddy has been 'spotted' in

09 March 2016 18:21:16 mirror - News

A private investigator claims Maddy, who was abducted aged three, has been living in South America

Vice All News Time09 March 2016 18:21:16

Kate McCann reveals she feels 'in limbo' over Maddie's disappearance

21 February 2016 00:09:21 News | Mail Online

The mother of missing Maddie McCann said she feels in an 'eternal state of limbo' over her daughter's disappearance in Portugal in 2007 and won't be at peace until she finds out what happened.

Vice All News Time21 February 2016 00:09:21

Sky News bosses to give evidence at inquest of troll who posted vile tweets about Maddie McCann's parents

18 December 2014 18:47:00 mirror - News

Brenda Leyland’s body was discovered in her room at the Marriott hotel in Leicester in October, shortly after she was ‘outed’ by the news channel

Vice All News Time18 December 2014 18:47:00

Cop claimed McCanns hid Maddie's body in a freezer and then in a hire car

08 July 2014 22:56:14 mirror - News

Gerry McCann said of ex cop Goncalo Amaral's book: "It says Madeleine is dead, that there is no ­abduction and claims myself, my wife and our friends are liars and would be so cold and ruthless as to hide our ­daughter’s body"

Vice All News Time08 July 2014 22:56:14