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Manchester City stars look confident ahead of Leicester

16 November 2017 17:19:02 Football Articles | Mail Online

Raheem Sterling and his Manchester City teammates look confident ahead of their tie with Leicester on Saturday. The Premier League leaders can afford to share a joke or two.

Vice Football Time16 November 2017 17:19:02


Manchester City chief: 'beautiful football' can improve

08 November 2017 19:39:48 Football Articles | Mail Online

Pep Guardiola's 'beautiful football' at Manchester City is only going to get better and lead to silverware, according to the club's chief executive, Ferran Soriano.

Vice Football Time08 November 2017 19:39:48

Manchester City Women sign Sweden's Julia Spetsmark

07 November 2017 16:57:41 Football Articles | Mail Online

Manchester City have continued to strengthen their women's squad by signing Sweden's Julia Spetsmark and extending Nikita Parris's current contract.

Vice Football Time07 November 2017 16:57:41

Thibaut Courtois: Chelsea can overhaul Manchester City

07 November 2017 10:35:34 Football Articles | Mail Online

Manchester City look to be in an 'unstoppable' run of form but Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois says there is plenty of time for his side to reel the leaders in and retain their title.

Vice Football Time07 November 2017 10:35:34

Manchester City's Sergio Aguero arrives back in England

02 November 2017 20:31:40 Football Articles | Mail Online

Sergio Aguero has arrived back in England fresh from breaking Manchester City's goalscoring record against Napoli on Wednesday night.

Vice Football Time02 November 2017 20:31:40

Manchester City head to Italy for Napoli clash

31 October 2017 15:43:14 Football Articles | Mail Online

Manchester City have flown out to Italy for their Champions League match against Napoli with players and staff in respective club attire for the journey.

Vice Football Time31 October 2017 15:43:14

Manchester City youngster Phil Foden is star in the making

30 October 2017 02:51:04 Football Articles | Mail Online

Even as a coach who witnessed the rise of Lionel Messi at Barcelona, Pep Guardiola was rendered momentarily speechless by Phil Foden’s debut for Manchester City.

Vice Football Time30 October 2017 02:51:04

Manchester City look like Arsenal's Invincibles - Keown

22 October 2017 23:35:59 Football Articles | Mail Online

MARTIN KEOWN: Manchester City have the greatest chance of emulating Arsenal’s Invincibles of 2003-2004. They are wiping the floor with the rest of the Premier League.

Vice Football Time22 October 2017 23:35:59

Manchester City 2-1 Napoli

17 October 2017 22:56:02 BBC News - UK

Manchester City produce another largely impressive display as they beat Napoli to maintain their 100% start to the Champions League.

Vice All News Time17 October 2017 22:56:02

Oasis help inspire superb Manchester City start

17 October 2017 12:00:20 Football Articles | Mail Online

Cigarettes and Alcohol might be to thank for Manchester City's flying start to the season as Oasis songs are a part of the inspiration behind the club's superb early form.

Vice Football Time17 October 2017 12:00:20

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