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Statue of Mahatma Gandhi unveiled

14 March 2015 23:28:44 BBC News - UK

A statue is unveiled of Mahatma Gandhi in London's Parliament Square.

Vice All News Time14 March 2015 23:28:44


'Final push' for football statue

07 March 2015 11:45:37 BBC News - UK

A statue of two men considered to be Notts County's greatest ever management duo is due to be installed by the autumn.

Vice All News Time07 March 2015 11:45:37

Islamic State bulldoze ancient Iraqi city in latest attack on country's historical heritage: Jihadists said to have smashed 3,000-year-old statues in latest rampage

06 March 2015 05:45:54 News | Mail Online

Jihadists are said to have gone on the rampage in the ancient city of Nimrud in northern Iraq, where they have smashed up 3,000-year-old winged statues and bulldozed other artefacts.

Vice All News Time06 March 2015 05:45:54

Mahatma Gandhi statue to be unveiled

22 February 2015 15:56:24 BBC News - UK

A statue of Mahatma Gandhi is to be unveiled in Parliament Square next month.

Vice All News Time22 February 2015 15:56:24

VIDEO: 'These are Michelangelo's statues'

02 February 2015 02:43:39 BBC News - UK

Experts believe they have found two bronze Michelangelo statues

Vice All News Time02 February 2015 02:43:39

Hospital critical status continues

12 January 2015 09:40:58 BBC News - UK

Hospitals in Gloucester and Cheltenham continue to operate under major critical incident status after more than a week.

Vice All News Time12 January 2015 09:40:58

Amy Winehouse statue unveiled

14 September 2014 15:27:37 BBC News - UK

A statue of singer Amy Winehouse is unveiled in Camden on the anniversary of her birthday.

Vice All News Time14 September 2014 15:27:37

Radar pioneer statue to be unveiled

03 September 2014 04:18:25 BBC News - UK

A statue of Sir Robert Watson-Watt, the pioneer of radar, is set to be unveiled in Brechin by Princess Anne.

Vice All News Time03 September 2014 04:18:25

Statue in honour of golden retriever

12 August 2014 08:15:07 BBC News - UK

A life-size bronze statue is unveiled in the Highlands to honour one of the country's most popular dogs, the golden retriever.

Vice All News Time12 August 2014 08:15:07

Egypt statue museums lose status

01 August 2014 12:01:55 BBC News - UK

Two museums in Northampton lose their accreditation status after the controversial sale of a 4,000-year-old Egyptian statue, the Arts Council rules.

Vice All News Time01 August 2014 12:01:55