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Mother jailed for killing her three-year-old daughter admits she also murdered her baby son 13 years ago

29 January 2016 22:01:39 News | Mail Online

Appearing at Lewes Crown Court, Lesley Dunford, 37, admitting murdering her seven-month-old son Harley 13 years ago at her Sussex home, months before killing her daughter Lucy.

Vice All News Time29 January 2016 22:01:39


Mother in court after dog killed baby

01 October 2015 13:47:44 BBC News - UK

A mother whose baby daughter was killed by the family's pet dog, appears in court charged with breaking the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Vice All News Time01 October 2015 13:47:44

Son killed 'drunken bully' tycoon

01 September 2015 17:01:54 BBC News - UK

The son of a London tycoon killed his "drunken bully" of a father after he was sacked, a court hears.

Vice All News Time01 September 2015 17:01:54

Mother sentenced for killing baby

12 August 2015 12:35:53 BBC News - UK

A mother who admitted killing her baby in Edinburgh after being unable to receive help for postnatal depression is sentenced to three years.

Vice All News Time12 August 2015 12:35:53

Mother admits killing baby daughter

23 June 2015 14:07:36 BBC News - UK

A mother admits killing her baby in Edinburgh after being unable to receive help for postnatal depression.

Vice All News Time23 June 2015 14:07:36

Killer son was like a 'sleepwalker'

19 June 2015 15:17:39 BBC News - UK

A man accused of sexually assaulting his mother before killing her was in a "dissociated state", similar to sleepwalking, a court hears.

Vice All News Time19 June 2015 15:17:39

Mother 'proud' of son who fought IS

17 March 2015 21:18:35 BBC News - UK

The mother of the first Briton to be killed fighting against Islamic State says she is proud of her son's courage and humanity.

Vice All News Time17 March 2015 21:18:35

'Paranoid' mum kills herself and son

13 February 2015 20:29:26 BBC News - UK

A mother killed herself and young son while gripped with "paranoia" her ex-boyfriend was "hunting" her down, an inquest hears.

Vice All News Time13 February 2015 20:29:26

Mother and lover 'killed daughter'

21 January 2015 19:12:41 BBC News - UK

A mother and her lesbian lover killed her daughter after developing a relationship centred around fictional characters, a court hears.

Vice All News Time21 January 2015 19:12:41

Mother and son killed by train named

24 September 2014 14:14:20 BBC News - UK

A mother and her 10-year-old son who were killed when they were hit by a train in Slough, Berkshire, are named.

Vice All News Time24 September 2014 14:14:20