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Fashion student embeds Oyster card in her fake nails to use on London Underground commute

17 July 2016 18:35:28 mirror - News

She used the acrylics - painted to mimic the card - to swipe her way around London's tube network

Vice All News Time17 July 2016 18:35:28


Huawei embeds itself in Europe

22 February 2016 22:10:42 Technology

Chinese telecoms group has gone from tent on the beach to occupying one of biggest MWC venues

Vice All News Time22 February 2016 22:10:42

TransferWise looks to embed in bank apps

21 December 2015 13:59:43 Financials

London-based money transfer company says deal with Estonian bank first of many

Vice Finance Time21 December 2015 13:59:43

Devastating smartphone bug hiding in Facebook, WhatsApp and Candy Crush putting millions of users at risk

09 November 2015 15:41:44 mirror - News

The newly-discovered malware embeds itself into popular apps and is almost impossible to remove

Vice All News Time09 November 2015 15:41:44

China to tighten grip over internet users

05 August 2015 13:31:11 Technology

Authorities to embed police in web groups to heighten censorship and prevent subversion

Vice All News Time05 August 2015 13:31:11

Brailsford wants UCI anti-doping help

20 July 2015 01:51:54 BBC News - UK

Team Sky principal Sir Dave Brailsford wants cycling's governing body to embed anti-doping officials into teams.

Vice All News Time20 July 2015 01:51:54

Twitter lets you embed classic video games into tweets - play Street Fighter and Doom on your PC

30 April 2015 17:55:35 mirror - News

Why tweet about your last meal or recent holiday when you can post Wolfenstein 3D or Donkey Kong?

Vice All News Time30 April 2015 17:55:35

Prince Harry to embed with Aussie SAS on four-week training exercise

02 April 2015 09:47:25 mirror - News

The royal will go on patrol with aboriginal soldiers as part of his 'authentic' military exercise just before leaving the British Armed Forces

Vice All News Time02 April 2015 09:47:25

IKEA embeds wireless charging technology into lamps, tables and desks

02 March 2015 12:50:40 mirror - News

Perfect for charging your Samsung Galaxy S6 without the mess of cables

Vice All News Time02 March 2015 12:50:40

3D printing lets you put your face in a custom-made vase

12 January 2015 16:58:58 mirror - News

Send in a side profile photo to the Fahz team and they will embed it into the contours of a vase

Vice All News Time12 January 2015 16:58:58