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Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have transfer bans suspended by FIFA... and may be allowed to sign players this summer

29 January 2016 20:39:29 Sport | Mail Online

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have had their FIFA-imposed transfer bans suspended pending their appeals, both La Liga clubs have announced.

Vice Sport Time29 January 2016 20:39:29


Premier League clubs also under investigaton by Fifa over transfers and could face bans, says Real Madrid chief

16 January 2016 23:40:17 Sport: Premier League Football, Rugby Union, Cricket & F1

Real Madrid director general claims a number of Premier League clubs are under investigation by Fifa and could face similar transfer window bans over signing foreign players under 18

Vice All News Time16 January 2016 23:40:17

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid could face transfer bans like Barcelona's

16 December 2015 17:28:44 Sport | Mail Online

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have been investigated for similar irregularities that led to Barcelona's ban on registering new players, according to FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Vice Sport Time16 December 2015 17:28:44

Real Madrid could face 2016 transfer ban after Barcelona newspaper calls on FIFA to act

27 November 2015 13:21:03 mirror - Sport

Real's city rivals Atletico could also face a ban on signing new players next year after Mundo Deportivo demanded FIFA impose sanctions

Vice Sport Time27 November 2015 13:21:03

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid face transfer ban as Fifa investigate irregularities in signing of Under-18s

29 April 2015 08:24:03 mirror - Sport

The Madrid clubs could join Barcelona in being forbidden from signing players

Vice Sport Time29 April 2015 08:24:03

Fifa examines 51 Real youth deals

27 January 2015 12:05:14 BBC News - UK

Real Madrid are asked for information about 51 players as Fifa investigate their transfers of youth players.

Vice All News Time27 January 2015 12:05:14

Real Madrid could face transfer ban like Barcelona as FIFA probe signings of two 12-year-old Venezuelans

26 January 2015 12:01:23 Football | Mail Online

Real Madrid could face the same transfer ban imposed on Barcelona after FIFA opened an investigation into their signing of under age players.

Vice Football Time26 January 2015 12:01:23

Royston Drenthe invites Reading fans to play FIFA 14 tournament... at his house

04 August 2014 17:49:43 Football | Mail Online

Former Everton and Real Madrid winger Royston Drenthe challenged fans to a FIFA 14 tournament at his house on Sunday.

Vice Football Time04 August 2014 17:49:43

Argentina players face FIFA punishment for unfurling Falklands banner ahead of World Cup

10 June 2014 02:00:40 Sport | Mail Online

MATT LAWTON: Argentina's players are now the subject of a FIFA investigation after making a political statement about the Falklands on Saturday night.

Vice Sport Time10 June 2014 02:00:40

Sportsmail vs 'The Machine': What happened when we took on the best FIFA 14 player in the world at the Ballon d'Or?

18 January 2014 12:39:22 Sport | Mail Online

To win a World Cup, you need to be at the top of your game. Mentally attuned, focused, determined. Just ask Bruce Grannec, the man who is officially the best FIFA 14 player in the world.

Vice Sport Time18 January 2014 12:39:22