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Tory plans to privatise the Land Registry are quietly dropped after public outrage

07 September 2016 17:12:19 mirror - News

Ministers have postponed the move in the face of a backlash from campaigners who warned it would make it harder to track tax avoidance and hold people to account

Vice All News Time07 September 2016 17:12:19


UK shelves privatisation of Land Registry

07 September 2016 13:01:35 UK Homepage

Proposal part of former chancellor George Osborne’s mooted sell-offs to raise £5bn

Vice All News Time07 September 2016 13:01:35

Land Registry could be bought by US firms once it is privatised

27 May 2016 03:12:56 News | Mail Online

Business Secretary Sajid Javid is spearheading efforts to offload the national property ownership database, which collects information on every house sale in England and Wales.

Vice All News Time27 May 2016 03:12:56

Sale board poised to go up on Land Registry

24 March 2016 21:55:35 Financials

Agency weighed for privatisation among proposed state asset sales aimed at raising £5bn

Vice Finance Time24 March 2016 21:55:35

Tories sneak out Land Registry sell-off at 5pm the night before Easter Holiday

24 March 2016 21:20:01 mirror - News

It's take out the trash day! And the bad news the Tories want to bury is the controversial sell-off of the Land Registry

Vice All News Time24 March 2016 21:20:01

Autumn Statement 2015: RBS privatisation stepped up as Government looks to offload other state-owned assets

25 November 2015 20:18:58 Finance - Business news and market updates - Telegraph

George Osborne wants to sell an extra £5.9bn stake in Royal Bank of Scotland, as well as £5bn worth of other assets including the Land Registry and the Ordnance Survey

Vice All News Time25 November 2015 20:18:58

Land Registry in frame for £1.2bn privatisation

17 November 2015 17:40:33 Finance - Business news and market updates - Telegraph

Chancellor George Osborne reconsidering plan to sell off the Land Registry, which records all property ownership

Vice All News Time17 November 2015 17:40:33

Land Registry data show house price slowdown

28 October 2014 13:57:47 UK Homepage

Annual rate of increase slows slightly to 7.2%

Vice All News Time28 October 2014 13:57:47

Plan to sell UK Land Registry ditched

14 July 2014 11:51:16 UK Homepage

Government-owned business, which controls records of all property sales in England and Wales, has been a privatisation candidate for past six years

Vice All News Time14 July 2014 11:51:16

Land Registry staff stage strike

14 May 2014 01:22:24 BBC News - UK

More than 3,000 staff take part in a strike over government proposals to part-privatise the Land Registry.

Vice All News Time14 May 2014 01:22:24