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Michael Schumacher's wife to sell family private jet

25 July 2014 17:05:42 Sport

Corinna Schumacher to sell jet regularly used by husband Michael to attend racing events and family holidays "for obvious reasons" following his skiing accident, German media reports

Vice Sport Time25 July 2014 17:05:42


Michael Schumacher 'could be home from hospital by the end of the summer' reports claim

23 July 2014 03:34:22 Sport | Mail Online

Michael Schumacher is making such good progress in a Lausanne rehab clinic he may be home before the end of the summer, a Swiss newspaper has claimed.

Vice Sport Time23 July 2014 03:34:22

Michael Schumacher ''fighting greatest battle'': Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button write to stricken legend

21 July 2014 21:46:49 mirror - Sport

The handwritten notes were revealed as F1 hero Schumacher was reported to have fluttered his eyes to communicate

Vice Sport Time21 July 2014 21:46:49

Michael Schumacher ''fighting greatest battle'': Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button write to stricken legend

21 July 2014 21:43:13 mirror - News

The handwritten notes were revealed as F1 hero Schumacher was reported to have fluttered his eyes to communicate

Vice All News Time21 July 2014 21:43:13

Michael Schumacher 'had his eyes open and nodded' during journey to Swiss rehab facility

18 June 2014 22:49:09 Sport | Mail Online

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher had his eyes open and was conscious during his transfer from a French hospital to a facility in Switzerland, according to a Swiss report.

Vice Sport Time18 June 2014 22:49:09

Michael Schumacher: Doctors voice concerns over coma 'recovery' claims

17 June 2014 12:49:16 Sport

Doctors warn Michael Schumacher may technically have already emerged from coma in April and reports of progress may be "cynical use of language"

Vice All News Time17 June 2014 12:49:16

Live: Updates at Michael Schumacher begins rehab

17 June 2014 11:40:29 mirror - News

Michael Schumacher: 17 June  

Vice All News Time17 June 2014 11:40:29

Michael Schumacher out of coma and leaves hospital - latest

16 June 2014 13:09:25 Sport

Michael Schumacher is out of a coma and has left Grenoble hospital with reports he can communicate with his wife - follow latest updates

Vice All News Time16 June 2014 13:09:25

Michael Schumacher 'showing signs of progress'

14 April 2014 08:58:16 UK headlines

Michael Schumacher is showing signs of improvement and even is interacting with his surroundings during short moments of consciousness, his manager has said

Vice All News Time14 April 2014 08:58:16

Michael Schumacher 'is showing small signs of progress' says his manager on German TV

14 April 2014 05:28:00 News | Mail Online

Schumacher's manager Sabine Kehm spoke live on German broadcaster ARD, and said: 'There are short moments of consciousness and he is showing small signs of progress.'

Vice All News Time14 April 2014 05:28:00

Schumacher 'showing small signs of progress' says his manager on German TV

14 April 2014 02:59:12 Sport | Mail Online

Michael Schumacher is 'showing small signs of progress' as he continues to slowly recover from devastating brain injuries suffered in a ski accident, his spokeswoman said on Sunday.

Vice Sport Time14 April 2014 02:59:12

Sebastian Vettel welcomes news that his hero Michael Schumacher is making progress

07 April 2014 13:40:16 mirror - Sport

Almost 100 days after the F1 legend sustained severe head injuries in a skiing accident, his manager claimed the seven-time champion was "making progress"

Vice Sport Time07 April 2014 13:40:16

Michael Schumacher 'showing signs of improvement'

04 April 2014 23:56:38 Sport

Former Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher is making progress and showing signs of waking from an artificial coma        

Vice Sport Time04 April 2014 23:56:38

Schumacher 'showing signs of improvement'

04 April 2014 20:58:26 Sport

Former Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher is making progress and showing signs of waking from an artificial coma        

Vice Sport Time04 April 2014 20:58:26

Small, encouraging signs... Schumacher's family stay positive as F1 legend continues to make progress on road to recovery

12 March 2014 11:34:29 Sport | Mail Online

Michael Schumacher is showing 'small, encouraging signs' following his skiing accident and his family remains confident he will 'pull through and will wake up'.

Vice Sport Time12 March 2014 11:34:29

Michael Schumacher 'now battling pneumonia'

12 February 2014 19:16:09 News | Mail Online

Germany's biggest newspaper Bild said that Schumacher, 45, developed the lung infection last week at the University Hospital in Grenoble. His spokeswoman Sabine Kehm refused to comment on the report, saying only it was 'speculation, and I do not comment on speculation.'

Vice All News Time12 February 2014 19:16:09

Michael Schumacher has 'blinked' and is 'responding to instructions' - reports

30 January 2014 18:09:50 Sport

French newspaper says Formula One champion blinks during the "first stage" of brain tests        

Vice Sport Time30 January 2014 18:09:50

Michael Schumacher being woken up from artificial coma, according to French reports

29 January 2014 16:01:12 Sport

Michael Schumacher is slowly being woken up after a month in an artifical coma, according to reports in France        

Vice All News Time29 January 2014 16:01:12

Doctors try to wake Michael Schumacher from artificial coma

29 January 2014 16:01:12 Sport

French newspaper claims Schumacher is being woken up slowly from artificial coma, while his manager urges the public to ignore speculation without denying the report        

Vice All News Time29 January 2014 16:01:12

Michael Schumacher 'will not be Schumacher' when he wakes from coma, neurologist warns

18 January 2014 03:32:20 News | Mail Online

Neurologist Richard Greenwood said that if Michael Schumacher recovers, his personality will be that of an ‘average Joe Bloggs’.

Vice All News Time18 January 2014 03:32:20

Michael Schumacher could be in a coma for the rest of his life

16 January 2014 03:58:29 Sport | Mail Online

Fears are growing in Germany that stricken F1 legend Michael Schumacher may be in a coma for the rest of his life.

Vice Sport Time16 January 2014 03:58:29

Fears grow that Michael Schumacher will be in a coma for the rest of his life

15 January 2014 18:44:30 News | Mail Online

German weekly news magazine Focus reported that 'Schumacher could be in a coma forever' after speaking with experts on his condition.

Vice All News Time15 January 2014 18:44:30

Michael Schumacher 'serious, but stable', says manager

04 January 2014 17:01:29 Sport

Schumacher's manager denies reports he is out of danger, saying his condition remains serious        

Vice Sport Time04 January 2014 17:01:29

Live updates: Michael Schumacher remains in critical condition with progress report expected this morning

31 December 2013 09:00:37 mirror - Sport

The Formula 1 legend has spent a second night in hospital after Sunday's ski accident in the French Alps resort of Meribel and remains in a coma

Vice Sport Time31 December 2013 09:00:37

Schumacher 'fight for life' in papers

30 December 2013 00:32:30 BBC News - UK

News of Michael Schumacher's ski accident leads papers

Vice All News Time30 December 2013 00:32:30

Michael Schumacher suffers serious head injury while skiing, according to reports in France

29 December 2013 14:08:45 Sport

F1: Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher has been seriously injured while skiing, according to reports in France.        

Vice All News Time29 December 2013 14:08:45

Kim Philby, the Observer connection and the establishment world of spies

28 July 2013 01:13:59 Politics news, UK and world political comment and analysis |

Fifty years after Kim Philby fled to Moscow while working for the Observer, new light is being shed on the links that united a clubland elite with a taste for secret service adventures One of the darkest and most enthralling British espionage stories of the 20th century turns 50 this month, still resonant with sinister meaning. It was on 1 July 1963 that the British government finally admitted what it had known for some time: that Harold Adrian Russell Philby – "Kim" to friends and family – was not merely living in the Soviet Union as a defector and a Russian spy, but was actually the fabled "third man". Later this archetype of treachery would become known, in the words of his biographer, as "the spy who betrayed a generation". Philby was perhaps the most lethal double agent in the annals of British espionage. As a member of the Cambridge Five spy ring and a secret servant of the Soviet intelligence services, Philby was responsible for the betrayal of countless national secrets as well as the brutal elimination of many British agents. At the same time he was a member of the British establishment, with a distinguished literary father and friendships with prominent English literati, such as Graham Greene, as well as with high-flying US spooks such as James Angleton, later to become head of the CIA. If ever there was a member of the club – two, as it turned out – it was Kim Philby, OBE. When his fellow spies Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess fled to the USSR in 1951, Philby's position seemed badly compromised, but after repeated interrogation he was exonerated. In 1955 foreign secretary Harold Macmillan told the Commons that he had "no reason to conclude that Mr Philby has betrayed the interests of his country, or to identify him with the so-called 'third man', if indeed there was one". That exoneration has special meaning at this newspaper. From 1955 until his abrupt defection in 1963, Philby was the Observer 's Middle East correspondent, based in Beirut. His editor was also a renowned figure in the 1950s – David Astor, who commissioned work from George Orwell, Arthur Koestler and Kenneth Tynan. Their stories have become controversially braided together. Astor had fought with undercover units in France. As editor, he employed journalists with connections to British intelligence – Gavin Young and Mark Frankland – as well as wartime survivors such as Mark Arnold-Forster and Edward Crankshaw. Out of this, questions about Astor's role in Philby's career have lingered like gunsmoke after a shooting. It is sometimes alleged, most recently on Radio 4's Document series, that Astor was in the pay of the secret service. Jeremy Lewis, who is writing Astor's biography for Jonathan Cape, told the Observer that Astor's knowledge of the secret world was both less sensational and more complicated than hitherto understood. His actions reveal him as a man not afraid to take brave decisions on matters of profound democratic principle, as he was to demonstrate famously during the Suez crisis in 1956. Astor was never a spy, says Lewis, but part of a wartime generation in which demarcation lines were blurred. Astor and Philby, both born in 1912, came from established but maverick families. Astor, second son of newspaper proprietor Waldorf Astor, was of Anglo-American stock. Philby was another kind of insider-outsider, the son of St John Philby, a well-known writer, orientalist and convert to Islam. Greene, eight years older than both men, would later become Philby's friend and champion. Greene wrote of his Edwardian contemporaries: "We were a generation brought up on adventure who had missed the enormous disillusion of the first world war, and so we went looking for adventure." Philby went to Cambridge and was recruited, with Burgess and Maclean, as a Soviet mole. By contrast, Astor went to Oxford and mixed with anti-Nazi intellectuals such as Adam von Trott zu Solz, who was later executed for his part in the 1944 bomb plot to kill Hitler. In 1939, now flirting with journalism, Astor found the adventure he sought. That summer his cousin, the comedienne Joyce Grenfell, reported with excitement that "David is said to be doing secret service work". Who knows if that was true? Astor always maintained that he had been turned down by MI6. But then a much bigger adventure turned up, one that would engage everyone's attention: Hitler invaded Poland. Soon after Neville Chamberlain's declaration of war in September 1939, MI6 began overtures to anti-Nazis in the German army in order to destroy the Nazis from within. By November, a secret rendezvous had been arranged to put a plot into action. "I have a hunch", said Chamberlain, when told of the operation, "that the war will be over by the spring." Two British spies headed for Venlo on the Dutch-German border for a high-stakes meeting with the leader of the German opposition, a certain Hauptmann Schammel. But the operation was really being run by Himmler – the SS had staked out the rendezvous, and "Schammel" was actually a member of the Reich security service. The two hapless British agents were surrounded by SS plainclothes men and hustled off to Berlin for a Gestapo interrogation. Astor had hovered on the fringes of the Venlo debacle. As a close friend of Adam von Trott zu Solz, he was familiar with the German opposition. In the autumn of 1940, he even went to Holland, posing as a Times reporter, and met the two Venlo agents, but was not impressed. The "Venlo Incident" was a humiliation for British intelligence. Churchill had followed the incident with dismay. Once Churchill assumed power in 1940, he put secret operations in occupied Europe on a war footing. The recruitment of thrill-seeking literati such as Ian Fleming, Dennis Wheatley, Malcolm Muggeridge and Greene placed covert operations at the psychological heart of the war effort, inspired by Churchill's love of adventure. This corps d'elite was a group of writers and academics, notably Hugh Trevor-Roper, recruited from Oxbridge and the BBC. Some of them became intimately connected through shared girlfriends and mistresses – women such as Elizabeth Bowen and Sonia Brownell, later Orwell's second wife. Lewis says: "During the war, through his friendship with Orwell and his work at the Observer , Astor was at the fulcrum of three immensely talented circles which all played a vital role in the war effort on the home front. There were social democrats like Richard Crossman and Michael Foot; refugees like Isaac Deutscher, Sebastian Haffner and EF (Fritz) Schumacher; and out-and-out cold warriors like Orwell." Astor and his circle, meeting at the Shanghai club in Soho, were part of the non-communist left, progressive intellectuals (William Beveridge and Stafford Cripps) planning for a postwar New Jerusalem. The process by which the life-and-death struggle with the Third Reich became the cold war with the Soviet Union was glacially slow. While the Foreign Office played along with Stalin and the Soviet Union, Philby established himself deep in Whitehall. He worked for the Special Operations Executive, had links with Bletchley Park, the codebreaking headquarters, and ended the war as deputy head of Section V – counter-intelligence.

Vice All News Time28 July 2013 01:13:59