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UK weather: Driver still 'missing' after flood chaos as police find car floating in river

10 November 2015 11:03:12 mirror - News

Witnesses reported seeing an elderly man clinging to the roof of his car as Britain was hit by flooding and fierce winds last night

Vice All News Time10 November 2015 11:03:12


Tobacco firms accused of flooding foreign markets to encourage smuggling into UK

31 May 2015 17:23:05 News | Mail Online

A report by anti-smoking lobbyists claims multinational tobacco companies send more products to some countries than there is demand, encouraging cigarette smuggling into the UK.

Vice All News Time31 May 2015 17:23:05

RBS reports £3.5bn loss for 2014

26 February 2015 08:16:44 BBC News - UK

UK state-owned bank RBS reports £3.5bn loss for 2014, down from £9bn loss the previous year

Vice All News Time26 February 2015 08:16:44

£500MILLION black hole in the UK's flood defence plan just one year after Britain's wettest winter

29 November 2014 22:47:21 mirror - News

A Friends of the Earth report claims the money is needed to protect communities from further flooding after thousands of homes were damaged last year

Vice All News Time29 November 2014 22:47:21

UK flood warnings in place as 70mph winds and heavy rain are forecasted

03 October 2014 17:05:54 News | Mail Online

Much of the country has enjoyed warm conditions and clear skies in recent days - but the settled weather is set to be blown away by 70mph winds and heavy rain this weekend.

Vice All News Time03 October 2014 17:05:54

Growth drives UK flooding problems

20 August 2014 18:06:47 BBC News - UK

Part of the UK's problem with flooding is self-imposed, according to new research.

Vice All News Time20 August 2014 18:06:47

Flood reports as severe weather hits

10 August 2014 10:54:55 BBC News - UK

Firefighters are called to several floods in Wales as heavy rain from ex-hurricane Bertha sweeps over the country overnight.

Vice All News Time10 August 2014 10:54:55

UK housebuilders hit by floods

04 March 2014 11:57:46 Finance - Business news and market updates - Telegraph

Housebuilding activity eases, though construction work related to flood relief work and infrastructure maintenance helps civil engineering activity to reach its highest level since 1997

Vice Finance Time04 March 2014 11:57:46

AUDIO: Tree-felling flood plan 'ludicrous'

25 February 2014 12:06:06 BBC News - UK

Peter Kendall, president of the National Farmers Union (NFU), discusses the effect of recent flooding on UK agriculture.

Vice All News Time25 February 2014 12:06:06

UK floods: The winners and losers

18 February 2014 02:43:55 BBC News - UK

Who are the winners and losers from the floods?

Vice All News Time18 February 2014 02:43:55