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Michael Schumacher is recognising family members, according to someone claiming to be a family friend

30 December 2014 01:35:49 Sport | Mail Online

Michael Schumacher has started to recognise family members, according to someone claiming to be a family friend.

Vice Sport Time30 December 2014 01:35:49


Michael Schumacher is 'starting to recognise family' friend claims

29 December 2014 18:39:18 News | Mail Online

Michael Schumacher ‘has yet to recover the power of speech’ but is ‘starting to recognise those close to him,' former F1 driver Philippe Streiff, told French media on the anniversary of the accident.

Vice All News Time29 December 2014 18:39:18

Mick Schumacher continues father Michael's legacy

07 October 2014 01:01:33 News | Mail Online

Mick Schumacher, son of Formula One World Champion Michael, looks set to carry on his father's legacy after he secured a podium finish in this season's German junior kart championships.

Vice All News Time07 October 2014 01:01:33

Michael Schumacher leaves hospital: Latest updates as F1 legend heads home nine months after skiing accident

09 September 2014 15:59:35 mirror - News

Schumacher has returned to his family home in Gland way ahead of the schedule set by doctors at his rehab clinic

Vice All News Time09 September 2014 15:59:35

Corinna Schumacher's first public appearance since husband Michael's ski accident

08 July 2014 12:33:27 News | Mail Online

Corinna Schumacher was pictured laughing and handing out chocolates at a riding event in her native Switzerland this weekend after her husband was recently transferred to a unit near his Swiss home.

Vice All News Time08 July 2014 12:33:27

Michael Schumacher 'can nod and keep his eyes open for long periods'

18 June 2014 12:08:36 mirror - News

Doctors at his new rehab clinic in Switzerland said his recent transfer went "very, very well"

Vice All News Time18 June 2014 12:08:36

Live: Updates at Michael Schumacher begins rehab

17 June 2014 11:40:29 mirror - News

Michael Schumacher: 17 June

Vice All News Time17 June 2014 11:40:29

Lewis Hamilton 'encouraged and excited' that Michael Schumacher is out of a coma

17 June 2014 04:25:43 Sport | Mail Online

Lewis Hamilton is excited and encouraged by the news that Michael Schumacher is out of a coma after nearly six months.

Vice Sport Time17 June 2014 04:25:43

Lukas Podolski says Germany want to win World Cup for Michael Schumacher

16 June 2014 16:50:10 Football | Mail Online

Lukas Podolski says Germany want to win the World Cup to bring 'joy' to Michael Schumacher.

Vice Football Time16 June 2014 16:50:10

Michael Schumacher out of coma and leaves hospital - latest

16 June 2014 13:09:25 Sport: Latest RWC 2015, Premier League Football & F1

Michael Schumacher is out of a coma and has left Grenoble hospital with reports he can communicate with his wife - follow latest updates

Vice All News Time16 June 2014 13:09:25