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'No-one should have to live in these conditions'

08 November 2017 23:41:55 BBC News - UK

Victoria lives with her daughter Daisy on an industrial estate but says no-one should have to live in such conditions.

Vice All News Time08 November 2017 23:41:55


Chronic fatigue discovered to be a real condition

30 August 2016 03:12:32 News | Mail Online

People with symptoms of the debilitating condition - also known as ME - have a specific chemical signature in their blood. These are similar to those in hibernating animals, say Californian researchers.

Vice All News Time30 August 2016 03:12:32

Taylor has surgery for heart condition

08 June 2016 16:41:36 BBC News - UK

Former England batsman James Taylor has an operation to fit a defibrillator as part of the treatment for his career-ending heart condition.

Vice All News Time08 June 2016 16:41:36

Prison conditions 'have got worse'

30 January 2016 10:30:17 BBC News - UK

Conditions in English and Welsh jails have deteriorated in the past five years, according to Nick Hardwick, the outgoing chief inspector of prisons.

Vice All News Time30 January 2016 10:30:17

Flooding leads to 'horrific conditions'

04 December 2015 16:43:42 BBC News - UK

Flooding brings chaos to parts of Cumbria with disruption on the roads and rails leading to "horrific conditions".

Vice All News Time04 December 2015 16:43:42

Heathrow conditions 'must be met'

01 December 2015 07:02:45 BBC News - UK

The government should not support building a third runway at Heathrow until certain environmental conditions can be met, MPs say.

Vice All News Time01 December 2015 07:02:45

Ebola nurse's condition 'improves'

19 October 2015 16:07:05 BBC News - UK

UK nurse Pauline Cafferkey, who contracted Ebola in West Africa, now in "serious but stable" condition - hospital

Vice All News Time19 October 2015 16:07:05

Man hit by bus in critical condition

19 August 2015 13:26:01 BBC News - UK

A pedestrian is in a critical condition in hospital after being knocked down by a bus in Edinburgh.

Vice All News Time19 August 2015 13:26:01

Condition of bus OAPs improves

30 May 2015 11:43:52 BBC News - UK

Police say condition of a man, 76, and woman, 72, who were seriously injured by a bus in the centre of Glasgow has improved.

Vice All News Time30 May 2015 11:43:52

Mertens' condition deteriorates

29 April 2015 09:39:16 BBC News - UK

The condition of Belgian defender Gregory Mertens deteriorates after he collapsed on the pitch with a heart-related illness.

Vice All News Time29 April 2015 09:39:16