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'Girl killed and 2 injured as they walked along pavement to school'

30 June 2014 17:27:30 News | Mail Online

Named locally as Liberty Baker (pictured), the victim was among three 14-year-old girls and a man who were hit by a car at around 8am in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Vice All News Time30 June 2014 17:27:30


Paul Slane's parents helping him rebuild his career after mad moment in Amsterdam

18 June 2014 03:11:48 Football | Mail Online

Paul Slane refuses to accept that a brush with notoriety will provide a full stop on his football career. After 18 months without a club, the 22-year-old is fighting to return to the game and bring an end to a self-confessed ‘nightmare’.

Vice Football Time18 June 2014 03:11:48

Roux's that girl... Pictured for first time, star chef and the hatcheck girl who cost him his marriage

04 May 2014 02:57:19 News | Mail Online

Chef Albert Roux, 78, was pictured with glamorous Nataliya Lutsyshyna, 40, at the Le Gavroche restaurant with the pair said to have become 'inseparable' in recent months.

Vice All News Time04 May 2014 02:57:19

Girl, 21, finds her stolen Facebook photos on fake dating profiles with nude pictures

23 April 2014 13:42:51 News | Mail Online

Becky Livesey, from Blackburn, Lancashire, discovered the images of herself after an IT worker grew suspicious of a 'girl' he was speaking to online.

Vice All News Time23 April 2014 13:42:51

Pictured: The 12 American girls convinced they are competing to marry Prince Harry in reality show (which uses a lookalike instead)

29 March 2014 04:38:00 News | Mail Online

I Wanna Marry 'Harry' will follow 12 American girls who believe they are vying for the party prince's heart - but the redhead will be played by a professional impersonator.

Vice All News Time29 March 2014 04:38:00

A badge in body confidence for the Girl Guides: Youngsters will spot which magazine pictures have been touched-up in bid to boost self-esteem

20 March 2014 03:34:20 News | Mail Online

The new badge will also be open to Brownies, aged seven to 10, who will explore how girls are portrayed as princesses.

Vice All News Time20 March 2014 03:34:20

Girl 'stoned to death by Syrian fundamentalists for having a FACEBOOK account'

18 February 2014 18:54:15 News | Mail Online

The girl, named as Fatoum Al-Jassem, was reportedly sentenced to death by a Sharia court in Al-Reqqa after it ruled having a Facebook account was immoral behaviour (file picture of ISIS militants).

Vice All News Time18 February 2014 18:54:15

Pictured: Shocking moment schoolgirls' punch and kick girl in the face in broad daylight

15 January 2014 20:40:36 mirror - News

The 47-second video shows the victim being repeatedly attacked by one girl while friends egg her on

Vice All News Time15 January 2014 20:40:36

Online tutor who helps children with learning difficulties charged with poisoning girl

13 January 2014 18:31:52 News | Mail Online

Mary Kidson, 55, pictured on the website for the business she runs from her £530,000 farmhouse in Ledbury, Herefordshire, has been charged with three counts of poisoning a girl between December 2010 and March last year.

Vice All News Time13 January 2014 18:31:52

3 men convicted of grooming girls on Facebook for sex

06 December 2013 05:06:57 News | Mail Online

Shakil Munir, 32, pictured, Sakib Ahmed, 19, and Ateeq Latif, 17, all from Middlesbrough were convicted for sexual offences relating to six young girls.

Vice All News Time06 December 2013 05:06:57

Teacher who BLACKMAILED girls into sending naked pictures jailed for six years

15 November 2013 01:07:40 mirror - News

Father-of-two Zahid Akram threatened that two teenage victims would be raped unless they sent him more extreme pictures

Vice All News Time15 November 2013 01:07:40

First picture of mystery teenage girl feared victim of sex trafficking found wandering streets of Dublin

05 November 2013 13:31:33 mirror - News

Police have released a picture of the girl, aged between 14 and 16, who has communicated by drawing pictures which appear to show her being raped

Vice All News Time05 November 2013 13:31:33

First pictures of beautiful baby girl found abandoned inside carrier bag in a park yesterday

01 November 2013 16:09:27 News | Mail Online

The little girl, dubbed 'Baby Jade' after the dog which discovered her crying in the bushes, is believed to be just a day or two old.

Vice All News Time01 November 2013 16:09:27

Tribute to hero husband pictured at last with the little girl he never saw

27 October 2013 02:32:22 mirror - News

A family portrait lends poignancy to the heartbreaking story of Lee Davidson - the soldier who never met his baby girl Amelia

Vice All News Time27 October 2013 02:32:22

Pervert teacher admits blackmailing teenage girls into sending him half-naked pictures of themselves

17 October 2013 18:02:09 mirror - News

Zahid Akram, 37, threatened to expose the images unless the girls provided pictures that went "certain steps further," a court was told

Vice All News Time17 October 2013 18:02:09

Nairobi attack: Somali Muslim pictured braving bullets to rescue girl, 4, and her family revealed for first time

27 September 2013 11:54:46 mirror - News

Abdul Haji was pictured reaching out for frightened four-year-old girl running for her life

Vice All News Time27 September 2013 11:54:46

Bonkbuster queen Jackie Collins tells girls: Don¿t jump into bed with the first man you see

22 September 2013 05:35:07 News | Mail Online

The queen of the steamy romance novel (pictured) has warned girls that saying 'no' to sex gives them more power over their man.

Vice All News Time22 September 2013 05:35:07

Kirsty Humphrey: Mum murdered hours after seeing little girl's first day at school

04 September 2013 23:05:28 mirror - News

A day after she posted pictures on Facebook of her daughter in her new uniform, she was found dead by the girl at their home

Vice All News Time04 September 2013 23:05:28

Sluts, stereotypes and Slane Girl – the modern-day stoning which shames us all

21 August 2013 15:23:16 mirror - News

2,000 years of evolution and we’re still stuck in the Book of Deuteronomy

Vice All News Time21 August 2013 15:23:16

Slane Girl: Police 'awaiting blood test results to establish if teenager was spiked' as new 'grope video' emerges

21 August 2013 15:01:30 mirror - News

Gardaí launched an investigation after photographs appearing to show the 17-year-old girl performing a sex act on a man in public at an Eminem concert went viral

Vice All News Time21 August 2013 15:01:30

Explicit photos from Eminem Slane Castle gig go viral on Twitter and Instagram

20 August 2013 17:43:11 News | Mail Online

Police are investigating the disturbing incident at Slane Castle in Ireland amidst concerns that the images could constitute illegal child pornography.

Vice All News Time20 August 2013 17:43:11

Slane girl picture: Explicit photos from Eminem Slane Castle gig go viral on Twitter and Instagram

20 August 2013 16:59:49 News | Mail Online

Police are investigating the disturbing incident at Slane Castle in Ireland amidst concerns that the images could constitute illegal child pornography.

Vice All News Time20 August 2013 16:59:49

Slane Girl: Police probe after photographs 'showing teenage girl performing sex act' at Eminem concert posted online

20 August 2013 15:13:35 mirror - News

Images of the schoolgirl performing the intimate act in broad daylight in front of revellers at Slane Castle on Saturday have gone viral on social media

Vice All News Time20 August 2013 15:13:35

Schoolgirl in misogyny storm after web users post explicit picture of her performing a sex act at Eminem gig

20 August 2013 13:24:47 News | Mail Online

Police are investigating the disturbing incident at Slane Castle in Ireland amidst concerns that the image could constitute illegal child pornography.

Vice All News Time20 August 2013 13:24:47

Unseen Royal family pictures show The Queen as a young girl with a love of horses

19 August 2013 04:09:32 mirror - News

The intimate family pictures, including one of the 87-year-old monarch at just five weeks, are being released in a new book

Vice All News Time19 August 2013 04:09:32

Former PC took pictures up skirts

02 August 2013 23:04:32 BBC News - UK

A former Warwickshire PC is sentenced for filming a naked girl and taking pictures up strangers' skirts.

Vice All News Time02 August 2013 23:04:32

Little girl pictured stuck in Thorpe Park grabber machine after climbing inside for a toy

01 August 2013 10:22:25 mirror - News

Her panicking parents realised she was stuck in the grabber machine while the girl stood calmly among the toys

Vice All News Time01 August 2013 10:22:25

Definitely not the right time to take a selfie! Picture taken on mobile phone leads to arrest of teenage girls over robberies

28 July 2013 18:44:13 News | Mail Online

Police arrested the suspects in Halmstad, Sweden, and found a picture on a mobile phone of them posing together in balaclavas and brandishing a knife.

Vice All News Time28 July 2013 18:44:13

Girls as young as 11 'are sexting and sending explicit pictures of themselves via social networks'

11 July 2013 16:39:52 News | Mail Online

Schoolchildren as young as 11 are routinely sending explicit pictures of themselves to classmates, child protection experts warn.

Vice All News Time11 July 2013 16:39:52

'Repugnant' talent scouts target anorexic girls at Swedish eating disorder clinics

18 April 2013 23:51:41 News | Mail Online

Dr Anna-Maria af Sandeberg said talent scouts were targeting her clinic, in Stockholm, because they know the girls there are 'very thin' (file picture).

Vice All News Time18 April 2013 23:51:41