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V-J Day: rare colour archive footage shows people celebrating end of World War II

14 August 2015 08:41:53 UK headlines

Archive footage from the Imperial War Museum shows Londoners and American soldiers celebrating in the street after Japan's surrender, known as V-J Day

Vice All News Time14 August 2015 08:41:53


Electronic Arts showcases Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA 16 and Unravel at E3 2015

16 June 2015 00:16:45 mirror - News

Gameplay footage of Star Wars and FIFA was shown for the first time as well as a brand new game called Unravel

Vice All News Time16 June 2015 00:16:45

ISIS execute a man with a BAZOOKA in shocking new video

21 May 2015 20:00:15 News | Mail Online

Shocking footage emerged today showing the captive exploding into a ball of flames after being shot with the rocket-propelled grenade after being accused of fighting ISIS in Syria.

Vice All News Time21 May 2015 20:00:15

Bangladesh executes Islamist party official for war crimes

12 April 2015 13:18:05 News | Mail Online

Mohammad Qamaruzzaman was hanged around 10.30pm inside a jail in Dhaka. Security workers escorted an ambulance leaving Central Jail carrying his body.

Vice All News Time12 April 2015 13:18:05

Bangladesh executes opposition Islamist

11 April 2015 21:01:31 UK Homepage

Kamaruzzaman was accused of atrocities during 1971 war of independence

Vice All News Time11 April 2015 21:01:31

Davis builds X2 war chest up to $5.6bn

08 March 2015 09:44:20 Financials

Former Xstrata chief executive on the acquisition trail

Vice Finance Time08 March 2015 09:44:20

Davis builds X2 war chest up to $5.6bn

05 March 2015 09:35:16 UK Homepage

Former Xstrata chief executive on the acquisition trail

Vice All News Time05 March 2015 09:35:16

Majestic Wine chief executive latest victim of supermarket price war

19 February 2015 09:40:38 Finance - Business news and market updates - Telegraph

The boss of the UK's largest retailer, who started at the company as a graduate trainee, has become the latest casualty of the supermarket price war, which has hurt Majestic's sales in the past year

Vice All News Time19 February 2015 09:40:38

Video uncovered by Uncensored claims to provide proof 'there WERE aliens in Area 51'

04 February 2015 19:29:11 News | Mail Online

New Zealand-based magazine, Uncensored has done a frame-by-frame analysis and says it is authentic. However, it is in fact from the 2006 film Alien Autopsy starring Ant and Dec.

Vice All News Time04 February 2015 19:29:11

War of words at the ENO ends with resignation of both chairman and executive director

30 January 2015 10:42:46 UK headlines

Fallout with the opera's artistic director following months of financial struggles

Vice All News Time30 January 2015 10:42:46