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Philippines man is executed in the street in for being a drug dealer

06 October 2016 03:32:20 News | Mail Online

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs has seen more than 3,000 users and pushers murdered in the country since June. Daylight executions are common and jails are overcrowded.

Vice All News Time06 October 2016 03:32:20


ISIS video shows British boy executing prisoners in Syria

27 August 2016 01:13:21 News | Mail Online

A new video from ISIS shows a British boy and four other children executing prisoners in cold blood in Syria. The shocking footage is believed to have been recorded in Raqqa.

Vice All News Time27 August 2016 01:13:21

Executed by the Germans

16 July 2016 01:54:51 BBC News - UK

He was the "terrorist" whose execution bolstered a flagging British war effort. But why would a ship captain ever ram a submarine?

Vice All News Time16 July 2016 01:54:51

Uncensored report into Battle of Orgreave will NOT be published

13 July 2016 08:53:44 News | Mail Online

The IPCC will not publish its full report into the disturbances from June 18, 1984 because it could prejudice current investigations into the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy.

Vice All News Time13 July 2016 08:53:44

Indonesia to increase executions as it increases war on drugs efforts

11 July 2016 19:45:44 News | Mail Online

Attorney general Muhammad Prasetyo has said at least two convicts, including foreigners, will face imminent death for the crimes they have committed in the country as executions increase.

Vice All News Time11 July 2016 19:45:44

Dallas police shooting: Horrifying footage shows moment police officer is executed with assault rifle at point blank range

08 July 2016 09:37:21 mirror - News

WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC FOOTAGE. A police officer, who had attempted to take out the gunman, can be seen crouching behind a pillar before they are shot down

Vice All News Time08 July 2016 09:37:21

Bangladesh executes top Islamist leader for war crimes: minister

11 May 2016 19:27:23 News | Mail Online

Motiur Rahman Nizami, 73, leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami party, was hanged just in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for war crimes committed during the independence war, including genocide, rape and torture.

Vice All News Time11 May 2016 19:27:23

ISIS use exploding necklace to blow man's head off in barbaric execution video

18 April 2016 11:11:02 mirror - News

WARNING: Graphic images. The horrifying footage also shows accused traitors being shot as well as the execution of police officers

Vice All News Time18 April 2016 11:11:02

Heartbreaking footage of starving baby exposes the human tragedy of Yemen's civil war

01 April 2016 00:15:46 mirror - News

WARNING: DISTRESSING IMAGES: At five months old, little Udai Faisal shows clearly what the horrific conditions of war can do to people

Vice All News Time01 April 2016 00:15:46

Iraqi commandos take selfies with ISIS suicide bomber then film his execution for online propaganda war

31 March 2016 09:13:26 mirror - News

The chilling mobile phone footage shows the troops shouting at the failed suicide bomber, who appears to have been savagely beaten, while Arabic music plays in the background

Vice All News Time31 March 2016 09:13:26