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Minister turned banker play premieres

26 May 2016 12:35:27 BBC News - UK

Scottish minister turned banker's life on stage

Vice All News Time26 May 2016 12:35:27


Steve Hilton: Pay bankers the same as civil servants

19 May 2015 03:13:41 BBC News - UK

Why bankers should be paid the same as civil servants, says Steve Hilton

Vice All News Time19 May 2015 03:13:41

Perella banker accused of insider trading

15 May 2015 00:39:03 Financials

Banker accused of aiding dad make $1.1mn on healthcare deal tips

Vice Finance Time15 May 2015 00:39:03

City Insider: Bankers given Welby advice

13 March 2015 08:20:08 UK Homepage

Bankers given Welby advice, Guardian search and welcome for immigrant Thiam

Vice All News Time13 March 2015 08:20:08

Carney puts bankers' pay in spotlight

17 November 2014 11:42:54 BBC News - UK

The governor of the Bank of England says bankers' overall fixed pay should be at risk in the event of wrongdoing - not just bonuses.

Vice All News Time17 November 2014 11:42:54

Mark Carney in warning for bankers

13 October 2014 13:05:29 BBC News - UK

Bankers' behaviour still needs to change following the financial crisis, Bank of England governor Mark Carney warns.

Vice All News Time13 October 2014 13:05:29

Banker admits Libor fraud conspiracy

07 October 2014 11:52:06 BBC News - UK

A senior banker from a UK bank admits conspiracy to defraud over manipulating the key Libor inter-bank lending rate.

Vice All News Time07 October 2014 11:52:06

EU risks increasing bankers’ salaries

26 September 2014 21:22:12 Financials

Better ways to curb banker pay than a clamp down on ‘allowances’

Vice Finance Time26 September 2014 21:22:12

China SOE reform no bonanza for bankers

17 September 2014 09:10:18 Financials

Sinopec and Citic deals presage what investment bankers hope will be a steady stream of work, but whether that will be profitable is less certain

Vice Finance Time17 September 2014 09:10:18

Junior bankers: more money, worse job

22 August 2014 20:01:49 UK Homepage

Paying junior bankers more will not solve Wall Street’s recruitment problem

Vice All News Time22 August 2014 20:01:49