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Police warning on courier card scam

14 June 2014 13:19:19 BBC News - UK

Police in Somerset issue a warning about "courier fraud", involving people being persuaded to hand over bank cards to criminals.

Vice All News Time14 June 2014 13:19:19


Police warning on courier card scam

09 June 2014 07:07:09 BBC News - UK

Police are warning about so-called courier fraud, involving people being persuaded to hand over their bank cards to criminals.

Vice All News Time09 June 2014 07:07:09

Man dies following three-car crash

28 March 2014 08:04:36 BBC News - UK

A 41-year-old man dies following a three-car crash on the A71 between Polbeth and West Calder in West Lothian.

Vice All News Time28 March 2014 08:04:36

Britain's 'fattest man' who weighed 66 stone dies of suspected heart attack aged 22

23 March 2014 18:44:12 mirror - News

Despite the efforts of paramedics, Liam Johnston died in his West Lothian home

Vice All News Time23 March 2014 18:44:12

Obituary: Christopher Chataway

20 January 2014 03:35:24 BBC News - UK

Obituary of Sir Chris Chataway who died today

Vice All News Time20 January 2014 03:35:24

Children used as drugs couriers

10 January 2014 16:50:41 BBC News - UK

Children as young as 13 are being employed by London gangs to sell drugs in Kent, it emerges.

Vice All News Time10 January 2014 16:50:41

Courier jailed for huge drugs haul

09 January 2014 12:06:34 BBC News - UK

A courier from Dundee who was caught with drugs worth hundreds of thousands of pounds is jailed.

Vice All News Time09 January 2014 12:06:34

Man and children rescued from fire

23 November 2013 17:34:19 BBC News - UK

A man and two young children are rescued by firefighters from a smoke-filled flat in Linlithgow, West Lothian.

Vice All News Time23 November 2013 17:34:19

Man jailed for life for OAP murder

11 October 2013 12:19:32 BBC News - UK

A man who murdered pensioner Ronnie Simpson in his own home in Armadale, West Lothian, is jailed for life.

Vice All News Time11 October 2013 12:19:32

'Courier fraud' victims lose £3m

06 October 2013 01:40:21 BBC News - UK

New figures suggest more than 2,000 people in London have been targeted in a courier scam.

Vice All News Time06 October 2013 01:40:21