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Predatory paedophile groomed a schoolgirl, 14

24 January 2017 03:53:16 News | Mail Online

Michael Pratt, 33, groomed the 14-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, by pretending to be a teenage boy as they played computer games, Chelmsford Crown Court in Essex was told.

Vice All News Time24 January 2017 03:53:16


Paedophile Adam Isaac groomed boys on Minecraft

20 January 2017 12:56:01 BBC News - UK

A man who groomed young boys through the online game Minecraft has been jailed for two years and eight months.

Vice All News Time20 January 2017 12:56:01

Paedophile who used Minecraft to groom boys tried to complete online help course but bail conditions banned web use

16 December 2016 17:36:24 mirror - News

Adam Isaac used the game to groom his victims and then communicate with them through other programs such as Skype and Snapchat

Vice All News Time16 December 2016 17:36:24

Rapper Grymey D jailed for grooming and having sex with schoolgirls

29 July 2016 13:59:01 BBC News - UK

A rapper who groomed schoolgirls on social media then filmed himself having sex with them is jailed.

Vice All News Time29 July 2016 13:59:01

Kayleigh Haywood: Jurors hear texts used to groom murdered girl

18 June 2016 03:21:06 BBC News - UK

A jury hears text messages sent between a murdered 15-year-old girl and the man who groomed her.

Vice All News Time18 June 2016 03:21:06

Grooming reports 'need better handling'

23 November 2015 02:16:26 BBC News - UK

Police chiefs are urged to tackle reports of grooming more effectively following the murder of a teenage boy who was befriended online by his killer.

Vice All News Time23 November 2015 02:16:26

Cub leader jailed for grooming girls

13 November 2015 17:37:11 BBC News - UK

A cub leader who used internet chat rooms to groom young girls is jailed after he was caught by a police officer pretending to be a 12-year-old.

Vice All News Time13 November 2015 17:37:11

TV show dancer jailed for grooming

24 August 2015 23:59:43 BBC News - UK

A chef and youth football coach who appeared on a TV talent show is jailed for eight years for using social networking sites to groom boys.

Vice All News Time24 August 2015 23:59:43

Uttoxeter school allowed Craig Lindsay who groomed girl to work as volunteer

19 July 2015 18:22:39 News | Mail Online

Teacher Craig Lindsay was jailed for 15 months in 2011 for grooming a 16-year-old, but was allowed to work as a volunteer at nearby Picknalls First School in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

Vice All News Time19 July 2015 18:22:39

Teenager guilty of terror grooming

29 April 2015 17:36:58 BBC News - UK

A teenager who groomed his friend in a plot to kill soldiers is found guilty of preparing to commit acts of terrorism.

Vice All News Time29 April 2015 17:36:58