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Grooming reports 'need better handling'

23 November 2015 02:16:26 BBC News - UK

Police chiefs are urged to tackle reports of grooming more effectively following the murder of a teenage boy who was befriended online by his killer.

Vice All News Time23 November 2015 02:16:26


Cub leader jailed for grooming girls

13 November 2015 17:37:11 BBC News - UK

A cub leader who used internet chat rooms to groom young girls is jailed after he was caught by a police officer pretending to be a 12-year-old.

Vice All News Time13 November 2015 17:37:11

TV show dancer jailed for grooming

24 August 2015 23:59:43 BBC News - UK

A chef and youth football coach who appeared on a TV talent show is jailed for eight years for using social networking sites to groom boys.

Vice All News Time24 August 2015 23:59:43

Uttoxeter school allowed Craig Lindsay who groomed girl to work as volunteer

19 July 2015 18:22:39 News | Mail Online

Teacher Craig Lindsay was jailed for 15 months in 2011 for grooming a 16-year-old, but was allowed to work as a volunteer at nearby Picknalls First School in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

Vice All News Time19 July 2015 18:22:39

Comic Jason Manford is targeted by supporters of far right Britain First group

30 June 2015 03:23:20 News | Mail Online

The 33-year-old was accused of being an 'Islam follower' and not 'defending the country' after saying he deleted Facebook friends who shared videos from far-right group Britain First.

Vice All News Time30 June 2015 03:23:20

Teenager guilty of terror grooming

29 April 2015 17:36:58 BBC News - UK

A teenager who groomed his friend in a plot to kill soldiers is found guilty of preparing to commit acts of terrorism.

Vice All News Time29 April 2015 17:36:58

Man, 75, posed as boy to groom girl

23 March 2015 18:09:39 BBC News - UK

A 75-year-old man who posed as a 16-year-old boy online to groom a young girl for sex is jailed for 10 years.

Vice All News Time23 March 2015 18:09:39

Schoolgirl accused of 'grooming' RE teacher who took her virginity aged 16 in a store cupboard attacks top judge who claimed he 'gave in to temptation'

25 February 2015 06:40:03 News | Mail Online

The girl has spoken out for first time since Stuart Kerner, a vice-principal at London's Bexleyheath Academy, was let off by Judge Joanna Greenberg QC after she said his own victim 'groomed' him.

Vice All News Time25 February 2015 06:40:03

Mohammed Khubaib 'groomed girls as young as 12 to be raped by him and his friends'

19 February 2015 20:39:36 News | Mail Online

Mohammed Khubaib, 43, who owns Peterborough restaurant Zaika, is accused of driving the girls to properties around Cambridgeshire where they were plied with alcohol.

Vice All News Time19 February 2015 20:39:36

Mother hits out as pupil accused of grooming teacher Stuart Kerner who abused her

16 January 2015 05:35:22 News | Mail Online

A girl accused of grooming her teacher into having sex with her has been treated as a criminal rather than a victim, her stepmother claimed last night.

Vice All News Time16 January 2015 05:35:22