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Schoolgirl accused of 'grooming' RE teacher who took her virginity aged 16 in a store cupboard attacks top judge who claimed he 'gave in to temptation'

25 February 2015 06:40:03 News | Mail Online

The girl has spoken out for first time since Stuart Kerner, a vice-principal at London's Bexleyheath Academy, was let off by Judge Joanna Greenberg QC after she said his own victim 'groomed' him.

Vice All News Time25 February 2015 06:40:03


Mohammed Khubaib 'groomed girls as young as 12 to be raped by him and his friends'

19 February 2015 20:39:36 News | Mail Online

Mohammed Khubaib, 43, who owns Peterborough restaurant Zaika, is accused of driving the girls to properties around Cambridgeshire where they were plied with alcohol.

Vice All News Time19 February 2015 20:39:36

Mother hits out as pupil accused of grooming teacher Stuart Kerner who abused her

16 January 2015 05:35:22 News | Mail Online

A girl accused of grooming her teacher into having sex with her has been treated as a criminal rather than a victim, her stepmother claimed last night.

Vice All News Time16 January 2015 05:35:22

Pensioner accused of grooming girl who secretly recorded him on her mobile phone

14 January 2015 11:47:27 mirror - News

The girl, who was then aged 13, was allegedly approached by the man while on her school lunch break

Vice All News Time14 January 2015 11:47:27

'Paedophile' pensioner accused of grooming girl who secretly recorded him on her mobile phone

14 January 2015 10:53:32 mirror - News

The 73-year-old man was allegedly heard declaring his love for the 13-year-old in the recording, and offering to give her money

Vice All News Time14 January 2015 10:53:32

Muslim girl speaks of grooming ordeal

24 November 2014 11:04:46 BBC News - UK

A teenager who was groomed in Yorkshire tells her story

Vice All News Time24 November 2014 11:04:46

Rapist who groomed girls jailed

09 October 2014 14:50:22 BBC News - UK

A man who was convicted of rape and sex abuse charges after grooming young girls is jailed for six years.

Vice All News Time09 October 2014 14:50:22

FT’s Brian Groom reflects on four decades

29 August 2014 14:11:06 UK Homepage

Kate Bush is in the news and a Scottish referendum is round the corner – we could back in 1979, writes the FT’s Brian Groom, who retires next week

Vice All News Time29 August 2014 14:11:06

Private school maths teacher accused of grooming teenage girl is arrested after she is spotted hiding under a blanket in his car

06 August 2014 12:36:12 News | Mail Online

John Wunderle, who taught at Bancroft's School in Essex was already on bail after being accused of grooming a girl for six months, when he was arrested.

Vice All News Time06 August 2014 12:36:12

TV comedian accused of grooming teenager who killed himself uses top libel lawyer to explain himself to boy's family

13 April 2014 12:07:13 News | Mail Online

Last night the parents of Ben Cowburn spoke of their dismay at the TV comedian’s use of high-profile libel lawyers Carter-Ruck to make the approach.

Vice All News Time13 April 2014 12:07:13