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Election 2017: Seat-by-seat result forecasts

09 June 2017 03:59:08 BBC News - UK

Professor of politics John Curtice calculates probable outcomes of some of the country's most contested seats.

Vice All News Time09 June 2017 03:59:08


Bank of England cuts UK growth forecast

11 May 2017 14:00:30 BBC News - UK

The Bank of England trims its growth forecast for 2017, highlighting weakening household spending.

Vice All News Time11 May 2017 14:00:30

Sony forecasts its highest profits in 20 years

28 April 2017 12:44:10 Technology

Expectations for fiscal 2017 mark reversal from years of writedowns

Vice All News Time28 April 2017 12:44:10

IMF upgrades UK 2017 growth forecast to 2 per cent

18 April 2017 15:12:31 UK Homepage

Revision reverses nearly all of the downgrades pencilled in after Brexit vote

Vice All News Time18 April 2017 15:12:31

Yellen set to lift pace of rate rises in 2017

12 March 2017 11:54:51 UK Homepage

Analysts move forward forecasts for timing of central bank moves

Vice All News Time12 March 2017 11:54:51

UK growth forecast for 2017 revised up

08 March 2017 15:53:47 BBC News - UK

The Office for Budget Responsibility upgrades the 2017 growth forecast and cuts the borrowing estimate.

Vice All News Time08 March 2017 15:53:47

Britain scores upgraded growth forecast this year as Budget 2017 OBR forecast reveals fall in borrowing

08 March 2017 14:53:53 mirror - News

Chancellor Philip Hammond has delivered the Office for Budget Responsibility economic forecasts as part of his budget today, with debt as a percentage of national income also falling

Vice All News Time08 March 2017 14:53:53

Bank of England sharply raises 2017 growth outlook

02 February 2017 15:48:59 BBC News - UK

The Bank of England keeps rates on hold and makes another big rise in its growth forecast for this year.

Vice All News Time02 February 2017 15:48:59

Forecasting the world in 2017

29 December 2016 16:04:59 UK Homepage

FT writers’ predictions — from Brexit to Donald Trump’s first 100 days

Vice All News Time29 December 2016 16:04:59

Bank raises 2017 UK growth forecasts

03 November 2016 13:10:53 BBC News - UK

Bank of England raises 2017 growth and inflation forecasts, as it keeps interest rates on hold at 0.25%

Vice All News Time03 November 2016 13:10:53