World Strongest Man 2014

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Cancer survivor eyes Strongest Woman crown

24 October 2017 10:43:51 BBC News - UK

Defiant breast cancer patient prepares for World's Strongest Woman contest.

Vice All News Time24 October 2017 10:43:51


A popped out eyeball, busted ligaments and force feeding 12,000 calories from 3am: Challenges of being the World's Strongest Man

19 October 2017 12:17:51 mirror - News

Eddie Hall became the World's Strongest Man in May 2017 - but the title has come at a cost; he has precious little time with his family and his days consist of eating, training and sleeping

Vice All News Time19 October 2017 12:17:51

World's strongest man Eddie Hall shows off his strength

18 October 2017 11:35:20 BBC News - UK

Eddie Hall showed off his strength by bench pressing BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker.

Vice All News Time18 October 2017 11:35:20

England 'one of strongest teams' says Oliver Bierhoff

06 October 2017 10:34:26 Football Articles | Mail Online

England were hugely disappointing against Slovenia yet Germany's team coordinator Oliver Bierhoff believes Gareth Southgate's men are one of the "strongest teams in the world".

Vice Football Time06 October 2017 10:34:26

Dad crowned world's strongest disabled man may struggle to walk, but he can still pull a truck

22 September 2017 19:34:01 mirror - News

Greg Bramwell has a hereditary spinal condition, but has transformed himself into a one-man powerhouse

Vice All News Time22 September 2017 19:34:01

World's Strongest Man dream for Norfolk gym owner Andy Clarke

18 May 2017 13:58:46 BBC News - UK

Gym owner 'Big' Andy Clarke is celebrating after reaching the World's Strongest Man Masters final.

Vice All News Time18 May 2017 13:58:46

Murray heads strongest Queen's line-up

03 May 2016 18:50:50 BBC News - UK

This year's Queen's Club Championships will have its strongest ever field, with 16 of the world's top 30 players to compete.

Vice All News Time03 May 2016 18:50:50

Ex-World's Strongest Man threatens refugees hiding in his lorries with a baseball bat in chilling post

12 February 2016 21:55:00 mirror - News

Pole Mariusz Pudzianowski issued the threat after his company was fined £40,000 for unwittingly allowing eight refugees to smuggle themselves on board a Britain-bound truck at Calais

Vice All News Time12 February 2016 21:55:00

Former world's strongest man champ is 6ft 8in tall and hates planes - here's why

08 April 2015 12:39:43 mirror - News

Bulky Brian Shaw faces a difficult task when it comes to flying from country to country

Vice All News Time08 April 2015 12:39:43

Heave-ho ho ho: World's strongest men gurn for the camera in very high definition

25 December 2014 17:35:05 News | Mail Online

The world's most powerful men battle it out for the ultimate title - World's Strongest Man. And as these pictures show, this year's competitors had their war faces on, ready for anything.

Vice All News Time25 December 2014 17:35:05